Thursday, November 28, 2013

Powerful James Allen As A Man Thinketh Quotes

Some As A Man Thinketh quotes by James Allen can save you money and suffering. Many of his quotes are deceptively simple but have a powerful effect when put into practice. There is one that comes to mind every time I see an ad for antidepressants "There is no physician like cheerful thought for dissipation the ills of the body." What a silly idea you may say but it is true.

The fact that drug companies are willing to place high dollar full page ads in newspapers and spots on TV indicate many people are not following James Allen's sage advice. What fascinates is that many people are willing to suffer maladies caused by drugs taken to cure depression when they already possess the remedy.

A drug vendor stated in an ad that their antidepressant medicine's most common side effects include disturbance in speech, fatigue, dizziness, constipation, dry mouth, drowsiness, stuffy nose, upset stomach, weight gain and increased appetite. In addition to those common side effects the reader was cautioned to be on the lookout for high fever, stiff muscles, confusion, sweating, changes in pulse, heart rate or blood pressure, muscle pain, weakness and even death. Readers were also cautioned not to forget the risk of suicidal tendencies and loss of control of the face, tongue or other body parts. And last but not least caution was advised before operating machinery or driving after taking the medicine.

It is a shame that many people will spend money and suffer the harsh side effects of drugs to cure depression when they have the remedy right there in their own minds.

If a person could wipe out the negatives from their mind and only allow positive thoughts of happiness, success and motivation to come in a positive change in attitude followed by a favorable change in circumstances would result. The analogy of the farmer reaping the harvest of whatever seeds he planted in his fields applies to the mind. Whatever ideas are planted in the mind will produce like fruit in thought, actions and results.

Constantly thinking doom and gloom will cause depression. If you sit around and think of things like I am probably going to lose my job, I may go bankrupt, I'm getting sick, my 401k plan is going in the tank, I'm gaining weight and my children are going to use drugs you will be depressed. These are the seeds of negativity that will cause havoc in your mind and bring wretchedness to life whether rich or poor.

Each person is the doorkeeper of their mind and control what thoughts are allowed to enter. It is very easy to let negative thoughts come in. They are everywhere because negativity sells. We are bombarded with bad news from every direction, the news on TV, negative people and institutions to name a few.

With a little practice it becomes easy to lock out the negative thoughts and only allow positive thoughts into your mind. Doing this will help you live a better life and save money by not having to buy antidepressant drugs.

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