Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How Can I Beat Depression - 3 Positive Steps For Curing Depression - 5 Side-Effects From Medication

Thousands if not millions of people throughout the world suffer from bouts of depression at some stage in their life whether it be mild or severe. These sufferers are constantly asking the question "how can I beat depression". Unfortunately this is easier said than done particularly for the more severe sufferer's who will require professional help.

The key is to recognise the symptoms of depression for what they are and do something about them. If you are constantly irritable, feeling down, depressed or hopeless, preferring to be a loner, feeling sad and miserable most days then you are probably showing the first signs of depression.

Recognise these signs for what they are and seek professional help. Don't shrug them off as nothing because they can and will get worse if you don't do anything about them. Get yourself diagnosed, play it safe let the doctor tell you what he or she thinks is going on. They are the qualified experts and can definitely help you out with your depression once they do an assessment and have a better understanding of what may be happening to you.

You may or may not be aware but there are many types of depression and all require various types of treatments, including different medications that your doctor can prescribe. Fortunately most types of depressions that people suffer from can now be cured through therapy and medication especially when diagnosed early.

3 Positive Steps To Answering Your Question: "How Can I Beat Depression"

1.Behavior therapists can offer patients some great one on one sessions that are incredibly beneficial. This is just one treatment that has proven extremely helpful producing positive results. These sessions have been known to get patients slowly but surely back on the road to a full recovery within a very short time frame.

2.Get yourself to a reputable doctor to give you a diagnosis on which type of depression you may be suffering from. You need to be sure what you're actually dealing with because there are so many different types of medications available. Make sure that you get prescribed the medication most appropriate to the condition you are suffering from.

3. Anti-depressant medications are now widely available on the market today to help treat those suffering from depressive disorders. Your doctor may prescribe medications that may have various side affects, you will need to monitor these side affects very carefully and keep him informed. If they are having a negative effect let him know immediately.

If you do put the question to your doctor, how can I beat depression? no doubt depending on your needs, he or she may prescribe a variety of depression medications as a more effective means to helping cure your depression. There may be some trialing of different medications under strict observation before you get the right mix.

Your trialing and observations may lead to an increase or decrease in medication use depending on the doctors assessment. However, when it comes to taking these medications, patients are advised to adhere strictly to the doctors recommendations. Doctor's will also advise never to mix medications or change the dosages without consulting them first.

5 Most on side-effects from prescribed medications

1. Sleeplessness: This side-effect maybe experienced by the user usually within the first few weeks of taking medication. Lowering the dosage or changing the time taken may help reduce this side-effect. The introduction of new drugs into your system may definitely cause you to have sleepless nights but this should only be temporary.

2. Nausea, Dizziness & Headaches are quite common also with new drugs initially, monitor these and if they persist contact your doctor.

3. Dryness of the mouth and throat: Keep some fresh drinking water in a bottle with you at all times so you can have something to drink whenever your mouth feels dry. Chewing gum may also help.

4. Double vision: this again is only a temporary side-effect, as mentioned the body may take to adjust to new drugs but again if the problem persists consult your doctor.

5. Irregular bowel motions: try eating and taking in a lot of fiber to help aid your digestion together with regular exercise

Sedatives or anti-anxiety prescriptions should never be taken as a substitute for depression medications even though these drugs are often prescribed along with depression medications. They may help calm your nerves and that's it, they will not cure your depression and is the reason you will still need to take your depression medication.

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