Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Health Insurance - Treatment for Manic Depression

Lithium is a well known medication used by doctors to treat manic depression and mood disorder symptoms in hopes of lessening the severity of symptoms or even preventing them altogether. Patients who take lithium must take the prescribed dosage with regularity and not miss a dose for optimal performance and well being. The doctor should be contacted in the event that those taking Lithium have problems such as fainting, vomiting, extreme thirst or begin to show signs of hallucinations. Health insurance plans with prescription drug coverage should help in the purchase of this medication.

The most common side effects reported by patients taking Lithium are nausea, weakness and a sort of clumsiness, all in the mildly annoying range of severity. Even so, if a patient taking Lithium experiences changes or new side effects then it is a good idea to let the doctor know to ensure the well being of the patient. Different medications affect people in different ways and until it is known how the patient responds to Lithium, it is wise to tell the doctor of any new events. Patients with health insurance policies in places will likely be able to afford this medication if the doctor prescribes it to them.

Insurance companies are growing and changing day by day to better meet the needs of the consumers they serve. Prescription medications such as Lithium are typically affordable with the assistance of the health insurance policy that is in place to cover the patient and family. Health insurance plans will typically pay up to around 80 percent of prescription drug costs, leaving a small percentage for the consumer to pick up. This enables many people to afford prescription medications such as Lithium that they might not have been able to pay for otherwise.

Lithium is one of many medications used in the treatment of a variety of mood disorders and manic depression symptoms. The hope is that Lithium will lessen the severity of the symptoms and also prevent attacks or symptoms from happening in the first place. Health insurance companies have made great strides in recent years with their coverage of medications meant to treat mental health issues. As recently as ten years ago this was not a common practice, in fact most of all mental health claims would be flatly denied not too long ago. Now health insurance companies recognize the needs and are working to help improve the quality of life for patients taking such medications as Lithium.

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