Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Control Your Anger & Boost Your Immune System

Typically people think of their anger as something that gets them into trouble because they say things without thinking or say things they never should have said at all. What most people do not realize or think about is that uncontrolled anger manifests into things other than just situations where you stick your foot in our mouth.

Fail to control your anger and you take the chance of damaging your immune system and having health issues. Women who have trouble managing their anger often exhibit depression symptoms while in men uncontrolled anger often manifests in a weaker immune system and unnecessary health issues.

Many men that cannot control their anger tend to heal from injuries much, much slower than those with good anger management skills. High stress levels tend to cause the body to release more cortisol; too much cortisol in the system can cause all sorts of health issues. Heart issues also develop faster in angry people as well as a quicker, over all general decline as they age.

Your body beaks down when you fail to take care of it. Most often we think of this as what we eat and how much we exercise, but it is also just as much about managing your emotions. Scientists have done studies to show the connection between anger and the immune system. The act of being angry, for whatever reason, has been shown to have a definitive effect (negative).

That being said, the opposite is also true. Manage your anger, control it, and you can boost the effectiveness of your immune system as well. The concept is really simple. You take care of our body and it will take care of you. When you use proper anger management skills our body and mind will be in a healthier state which in turn will equate into a stronger immune system.

Anger results in stress; that stress will cause the body to produce stress hormones like cortisol and dopamine. Control your anger and you can keep the body from producing more of those hormones. In fact, health inducing hormones like endorphins and neurotransmitters can be produced along with more anti-body producing cells and more effective T cells.

In short, you will be healthier since your improved immune system will keep you from being sick. Not a bad reason to learn anger management skills, right?

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