Thursday, April 4, 2013

Coping With A Depressed Partner

Coping with a depressed partner can be difficult. According to the dictionary, depression, is a state of extreme dejection or morbidly excessive melancholy. Depression is a mood of hopelessness and a feeling of inadequacy, often with physical symptoms.

When you find yourself in a relationship where your partner or lover is showing signs of depression, the secret would be to try to establish the reason for this state of depression. This will assist you in coping with the situation and perhaps finding a solution. Sometimes depression can be mistaken for selfishness or mere frustration.

With A Strong Relationship, Depression Can Be overcome.

One of the most difficult cases of depression, when dealing with your lover, is if they are showing signs of " relationship depression" resulting from a broken relationship.

It is hard to watch them deal with this dark period of life. Many relationships end because of it, since there doesn't seem at first sight, to be an end to it, and the pressure begins to build on both parties.

Depression makes people think irrationally and causes them to be blind to the good things in life, like yourself. They will make you feel, that all the effort you put into the relationship, to try to make them feel better, is a waste of time. It isn't, though.

It may not appear so, but that you are there to support them means more to them than one realizes.They sometimes say terrible things, and they would not blame you for leaving, and will sometimes, due to their behaviour, attempt to make the decision easier for you. They do not want you to really leave, but want you to be with them, to help if you can.

It is important, if you want to help them cope with their depression, to educate yourself about this "Mental Disorder " so that you can understand it better.You will need to do plenty of research to find out the most common causes.There are many reasons that could have triggered the feeling of depression.The problem is that if you don't get a handle on it, it can begin to snowball, and affect your relationship, no matter how strong it is.

Depression can be contagious, so it is important to take care so that you too, do not fall into depression mode.If you do start to feel the symptoms, then you should be quick in seeking help from psychologists or counsellors. Once both of you start falling into depression it may become even more difficult to work towards a recovery.

When you feel that you cannot get on top of it, and that you are worn out, then it's time to take a step backwards, and try to take a look at the situation, from a third parties point if view.

Usually, a past relationship and depression, go hand in hand, and the trouble with this is that, when one relationship has failed, it is easy to feel that future relationships are also doomed to failure. This will no doubt put a strain on current relationships and if this is the case, professional advice should be sought.

Remember that you should not give up, and believe that the effort that you are making will reap benefits in the long run.It is important that your partner knows that they can depend on your support.

In conclusion and just to recap, be sure to diagnose the symptoms correctly, and once, you are sure that your partner is suffering from depression, go and find help, either from a marriage councillor or a psychologist.

If your relationship is strong, and you persevere, the two of you will overcome the problem.

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