Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How to Help a Depressed Man

Let me ask you some things have you seen any woman who suffered from depression, in movies or in real life? How about men? Have you actually witnessed how a depressed man goes through such a state?

Depression is a sickness that affects both men and women. However, there are more women who are diagnosed with depression. Why? It's because a depressed man will most likely keep whatever his having to himself. He wouldn't verbalize sadness, or cry out his emotions like how women do it. Basically, depression in men is a little different from women's case. Although there are several common symptoms between men and women, here are symptoms that are more likely to happen in men with depression:

  • A depressed guy will continuously blame others for everything that have gone wrong, opposite with how depressed women reacts who blame themselves.

  • Men who are depressed also become more irritable and egoistic. You will notice that this guy will almost always be angry at other people and that they care much more on their status and ego.

  • Unlike women, a depressed guy will usually create conflict. They would try to provoke other people or they themselves would start a fight.

  • These men also always feel ashamed, in their performance in sex as a typical example.

  • Because these men are having inflated ego, they are very scared to have any failures. They are much focused on how to achieve more even to the expense of forgetting about themselves or their relationships.

  • A depressed guy will most likely abuse alcohol. Women usually try to eat their depression away, while men will resort to alcohol.

  • They also probably become control freaks, and they become very compulsive.

So, how could you help a depressed man get over this ordeal? Just like how there are differences between symptoms of depression in men and women, there are also slight differences between ways on how to help them. Before anything else, you must be aware that men are harder to persuade in getting help. It is even more difficult for them to admit that they have a problem. Nevertheless, here are some things you could do to help him:

  • First of all, help him admit his problem. Do not push him however. Just explain to him what you are observing slowly and what your concerns are. Ranting him about all his behaviors won't help.

  • Encourage him to go to the doctor. Explain to him in a good manner why he needs to go and what he would get after.

  • Do not give up on that person. A depressed person will ignore your efforts and make you feel unappreciated but little acts of kindness are really good for the person's being. Being there for him also shows that he has social support which are very vital in state of depression.

  • Provide him with healthy diet. Avoid stocking unhealthy foods in your fridge or cabinet because a depressed guy will try to eat them as much as possible and not the healthy ones.

  • Encourage him to take supplements such as vitamin supplements and homeopathic remedies. Taking vitamins will help his body systems heal and become more able in fighting depression. Homeopathy, which uses natural herbs like St. John's wort and Passion flower, will support emotional health and well being and promote a healthier attitude.

So there you have it. Symptoms and how you could help a depressed guy have been given. Remember, taking action will help save that important man in your life.

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