Saturday, March 30, 2013

Does Friendship Exist?

Friends are people who should always try to help you. But at the same time you should also do the same thing. It is not enough to say that "we are friends." Real friendship is based on good actions. Words are nothing if in difficult times your friends do not support you. Moreover, if they betray you from time to time, as a result, it can lead to depression. Many years ago, one of my friends betrayed me. I could not believe in it because he was my close friend. During several weeks I was in depression because I did not expect that she was possible to do it. It is so awful when you ask somebody do not do or say something but they do not want to hear you.

One of my acquaintances says that she tries not to acquire friends because, from her point of view, friendship does not exist. People are selfish and only think about themselves. Sometimes I think that she is right but it is almost impossible do not have friends because you can lose the life meaning. It is so good when you have people with whom you can share your thoughts and ideas. But I do not like people who flatter and do not want to accept truth. Sometimes it is better to say truth than to lie and say people what they want to hear. Real friends should always to say truth because they care about each other.

If your friends always lie to you, they cannot be considered your friends any more. In conclusion, I can say that friends are also good source of depression. Friends sometimes can betray you in an unexpected moment. Maybe it is good recommendations not to have friends because you never face a betrayal from close friends. Nevertheless, people cannot live without friends.

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