Saturday, April 26, 2014

How to Know Whether You Have Depression or Not?

Recently, you do not even have the slightest thought of going out of the house for fresh air. You would turn down all invitations and rather keep yourself isolated then socializing with your friends.

On top of that, you feel tire all the time and easily irritated by the smallest change in your daily routine. You may be thinking to yourself, can this be depression?

Although you cannot diagnose yourself whether you are a depression patient, having some level of understanding to the illness may help in defeating depression.

First, you have to know that depression is a genetic illness. It can be passed down to the next generation. Hence, if any of your close family members have once been diagnosed as a depression patient, you are at high chance of getting it as well.

However, this is not applicable to everyone. Some may have a family history of depression but they themselves live a normal life and show no symptoms of depression.

Having a high risk of getting depression does not necessarily mean you will have depression. Besides genetic factor, there are still many factors that may in turn leads to depression. Depression can be developed in individuals having a miserable life or in individuals that have suffered from the pain of losing their important ones. The individual may not be able to recover from the lost and in turn leads to depression.

Besides that, the lack of quality sleeping time can lead to depression as well. Affected individuals are generally those who suffer from long term insomnia which then affect their mood badly.

In conclusion, depression is highly associated with your mind and no one knows how exactly you are feeling or thinking. All the symptoms mentioned above including lack of sleep, tire, irritated, anti-social may be related to depression but not all individuals who are suffering from the those symptoms is having depression.

The important thing is to be aware of your mood. If your mood has gone out of your control, you should consider seeking help rather than self healing.

Depression will not go away magically. Go to the professionals for help before the situation has gone out from your hand.

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