Sunday, April 20, 2014

Getting Over Anxiety Depression

People mostly rely on their brain when conducting day to day activities and in the process it becomes drained and exhausted. Due to the ever growing demands at the workplace people tend to overwork and also have very little time off for relaxation. This often leads to breakdowns, anxiety and depression. It decreases a person's efficiency at work and thus makes the situation even worse. On the other hand there are ways that one can easily rid him or herself of depression and be on his way to being productive.

Anxiety depression is a state where a person behaves in an irregular manner and is not able undertake simple day to day activities properly. This is triggered by an ongoing exposure to stress. Stress at the workplace is the main reason behind anxiety depression. People need to be determined to take on the pressure and not succumb to it. It is tough to maintain your composure but you must try to do the same and eventually you will succeed.

When you really want to get over the anxiety depression problem you need to really motivate yourself and think towards getting rid of it. Analyze your situation with the help of a friend and consult a qualified psychiatrist who can accurately diagnose the problem for you. The various types of depression are:

Manic or Bipolar depression - An abrupt change in one's metal state for instance, from joyous and relaxed to a grim state of mind can signal depression.

Postpartum depression - An expectant mother may feel anxious about her new baby and feel stressed as a result of the extra responsibility that she has to take on.

Dysthimia - It is a condition of moderate depression; not so serious but should be treated as soon as possible.

Cyclothemia - This is one type of illness which a person with a hectic lifestyle suffers from. Although rare, there are sudden changes in one's mood.

Seasonal Affective Disorder - The name suggests that it is seasonal (in winters, summers, spring). More people have been found to feel that they are stuck in a rut in winters. It is also characterized by sudden changes in mood.

The above types are the conventional types but the type which people most suffer from is anxiety depression. Anxiety by itself is completely normal human behavior. You may get anxious about your exam next morning or your dream date. Being anxious actually helps you to cope with the increased stress levels. On the other hand anxiety depression cannot be ruled out as just "nerves". It is a serious illness and can be due to hereditary reasons.

Various types of anxiety depressions are characterized by unique symptoms. GAD or Generalized anxiety disorder is a severe form of anxiety depression in which a person becomes unreasonably paranoid even when there is no reason to be so. The anxiety levels remain on a high, person suffers from lack of sleep and feels tired easily. They have a strong feeling of depression which is curable but takes time and will from the patient. Average anxiety depression is not that complicated as GAD and can be cured comparatively easily.

In both cases a reputed therapist should be consulted and care should be taken to complete the course of medicines prescribed with treatment.

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