Monday, February 10, 2014

Knitting Therapy - Think You're TOO Beat Down, Depressed, Broke, Sick?

What do knitters have going for them besides their endless creative productivity? Why do they seem like happy, generous souls engaged in life? Is knitting therapy for real? Oh yes. Old-time vets who knitted knew it. Perhaps it's the magical power of yarn. When you hand a knitter some yarn and knitting needles, you'll see a smile. When you get back a hat, gloves, socks or whatever, that smile will be bigger. What do they know that you don't know?

It might not be what they know, but what they do.
They have a way to center themselves, get calm and relax from life's stresses and strains.

What does a knitter do when a spouse goes off to war?
Knit. It engages your mind on a creative project, gives hands satisfying rhythmic motion, soothes a sore heart and creates a useful, beautiful item with love in every stitch.

What if a significant other wants out of your relationship? Knit through your grief, anger, and fear. Recovery may come more quickly. The knitter can wrap up in a warm hug of a sweater or blanket for some self-care on those extra long days or nights alone.

Don't like what your doctor just told you?
Knit. Did you know worry and anxiety are just "practicing failure in advance"? Seth Godin, author of 12 bestsellers, said that. I wonder if he knits? Probably too busy writing.

If you're busy worrying, knit. It refocuses your mind on productive work and lets your little gray cells stop panicking so you can find peace. With peace, you remember most doctors suffer from severe pessimism, or how a second opinion could save your life. Seek a support system, arm yourself with information and find your best way to heal--all the while knitting.

Too broke for yarn?
Tear apart an old sweater from a thrift store or your closet, then knit it into a new form. You'll keep on budget as you occupy yourself with your frugal creativity instead of wasting money you don't have on fast food, a night out or whatever else might appeal in a weak moment.

Feeling depressed?
For clinical depression, get the help you need from professionals, then knit as you recover. Creating a mound of baby hats for preemies, socks for soldiers, chemo caps, bears for orphans and other such gifts raises your spirits, reminds you of your worth and makes our world a better place.

Can you tell I want more knitters?
I do. You know why? Most of them are wonderful souls, generous spirits, sensible, calm, sturdy, reliable, able to create something out of nothing in a pinch. Imagine a world full of such creatures. I call it knitting therapy for the planet.

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