Wednesday, February 12, 2014

5 Vital Signs of a Suppressed Anger and How to Manage Them

If you are in the habit of suppressing your anger, you may be accumulating unwanted things into your system without knowing it. It is right time you manage it before it goes out of hand. Suppressing anger may not be the best method of managing your anger because the long time effects of accumulated angers may not be helpful to your health. If you have experienced any of the following vital signs then you are likely to have a suppressed anger and the best thing is to solve the problem. Here are some of the vital signs of suppressed anger that may be visible or invisible and how you can solve the problem.

First, restlessness. The effect is that you are not happy with yourself or the other person who caused the anger for you. Your best bet here is to remain calm and be on top of the situation.

Second, judgmental. You feel judgmental towards others and find fault in them. You also consider yourself to be right. Try and have an open mind and be less judgmental. Reason from the other person's point of view.

Third, you are moody and unhappy. You feel sad, hurt and worried. The best thing to do is to be happy.

Fourth, high tendency to violence. Due to your inability to express the anger, the probability to turn violent is very high. Since you are aware of this, you may leave the scene of the situation without hurting anybody.

Fifth, depression. You feel depressed and unwanted and may harm yourself if no solution in proffered on time. Forget about depression, it is a state of the mind, remove it totally from your mind.

Suppressing anger is a temporary measure of managing your anger but the long term effect of anger suppressed on the person may be worse than expressing the anger in the first place. Avoid suppressing your anger but find ways of positively expressing them, control and manage it. If you consider the signs of suppressed anger such as restlessness, moody, unhappiness, prone to violence, it is better you express your anger but control and manage it. Some ways to solve these problems include:remaining calm, have an open mind, be happy, leave the scene and remove depression from your mind. With all these you will be able to manage your suppressed anger.

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