Monday, October 21, 2013

Don't Suffer in Silence With Depression

Let there be no doubt that depression is a serious mental illness that requires months and sometimes years of treatment on the path to a cure. Millions of Americans across the United States are affected by depression each and every year. To make things worse it is estimated that only a third of those who suffer the disease will ever seek treatment. Depression has always been classified as a mental affliction. Therefore, many Americans choose not to be placed into that category. They would rather deal with the problem on their own than risk being stereotyped should they seek assistance. Depression is more common- place than you might think and it will not go away on its own.

So, what causes depression? The answer can get very complicated because you have to take many factors into consideration. There are so many things factored into the cause of this disease. Lets examine some of the most notorious. Many medical professionals believe that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. This may be the case, but what causes that imbalance? Typically the causes stem from biological, genetic, physical, mental and environmental implications. There are those inflicted that never really determine what spurned their depression. Many become depressed when they are diagnosed with a very serious medical condition. This is especially the case if the diagnosis presents the possibility of death or impairment.

Another cause of depression can be the emotional pain felt after losing a loved one. In many cases the loss can be very traumatic. Some depression is brought on after years of physical, emotional or sexual abuse. In addition, many cases of depression are given birth by substance abuse, rather it be drugs or alcohol. The mental state of a human can be very fragile depending on their environment and the life events that they have been exposed too. In many cases depression is passed on genetically. Those afflicted have a family history of the disease. There are even some prescribed medications that can bring on depression. It has been clinically proven that some high blood pressure medication can cause depression.

One of the major causes of depression is stress. Stress can derive from many different areas in our life. Some of that stress can even be related to positive events in our lives such as promotions, graduation or moving into a new house. People tend to stress when they face the unknown, like a new job or new financial obligations. In addition, many are stressed from personal conflicts with their loved ones, associates in employment or friends. There are a great number of people who are stressed from simply trying to perform their jobs to satisfaction and trying to support their families from week to week. By determining the cause, medical professionals have a much better chance of administering a treatment. If you or someone you love suffers from depression-please seek medical assistance.

Depression is caused by biological, genetic, emotional and environmental factors. Stress certainly plays a major role in the advent of depression. There are wide ranges of stress related issues that affect us every day in our lives. The online depression test can only assist you in identifying the prospects in your case. It can only educate you to the potential threat and give you the opportunity to follow up on it. There are medications like anti-depressants and natural herbs on the market to treat depression. Medical professionals offer talk therapy and depression support groups offer a way to share those feelings with others who suffer the same disease. If you or someone you love thinks they may be suffering from depression take a depression test and see where you stand.

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