Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bipolar Disorder Symptoms - Phobia and Obsessions

Psychosis is never too far away from you when you are suffering from bipolar disorder. You will do well to be on the lookout for such symptoms that come about when you are in the severe depressive phase of your manic-depressive illness. Soon enough, your own delusions can take you over completely, and if nothing is done, it can lead to very dangerous grounds - the end of which might be much more disastrous.

You may experience symptoms of all kinds of false beliefs or hallucinations when you are suffering from bipolar type of disorder. Certain false sensory perceptions will seem so real to you and the real people around you tend to fade into the woodwork. Such things happen often in the disease, whether you are manic or depressive.

Phobia and obsessions are about two of the most common symptoms of the depressive state of bipolar disorder. In the manic phase of the condition, you may instead feel powerfully, yet incongruously, happy. You may not notice this though, but the person next to you should notice it enough to try and get you so see a doctor in a hurry.

Knowing these symptoms can help you or your loved ones get quick help for you, especially before it gets very critical. Like everything else in life, early action in handling it has been known to help lots of victims. It can help you too, no matter how useless you think your case might be. I know people who have had it worse in terms of bipolar disorder, but they were able to effectively control it at the end of the day.

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