Monday, October 21, 2013

Depression Symptoms According to Types of Depression

Here you can find some common Depression Symptoms which will help you to understand the basic symptoms of depression in initial stage. The person always feels sad and lonely, start avoiding friends and family. You can observe the unusual change in behavior like feeling stressed out or tired all the time and also go through pains and acne in neck shoulder, leg, head etc. Usually there is a change in weight may be gain or loss in weight and concentration. One becomes weak which results in poor work performance and difficulty in making decisions. Many a times there is a change in menstrual cycle of women.

Gather the information about the symptoms according to the type of depression of an individual. People suffering with depression and anxiety feel that they are in danger or bad things will happen to them or to their close ones. They become paranoid and live in constant fear. They develop negative thinking.

Apart from some of these common symptoms people suffering from depression can have dry mouth, fatigues and faint. Many a times they shiver, have a fast heart beat, muscle aches, sweat and usually have cold and moist hands.

People suffering with major depression could show up some of these types of depression symptoms such as low energy, low mood and also loss their interest in their favorite activities. They have trouble in sleeping like they can wake up early in the morning or wake up in night repeatedly. You can also observe that people suffering with major depression start feeling guilty, loss confidence and self-esteem. It is hard for them to concentrate on their work and therefore their performance drops. They think about suicide or can attempt to do so.

Bipolar depression is another type which could be defined as mood swing and fluctuation in mood of a person. Bipolar depression has two phases one is manic and other one is depressive disorder. Both of these phases have different symptoms. Each one have its own symptoms and signs such as a person suffering from manic can show symptoms like he has increased energy, becomes aggressive and irritable, speaks faster than he used to, have increased sexual drive, restlessness, unable to stick to decisions and lose self-confidence.

Just as people suffering with depressive disorder have a feeling of hopeless and worthlessness, they either have over sleep or can face problems in sleep. They even become physically ill and lose interest in activities. They can even attempt suicide.

Most of the time women get depressed in pregnancy which is known as postpartum depression. It extends after depression also may be for a year after delivery. You can observe the depression symptoms like they lack in energy, loses appetite, a sudden increase or decrease in weight, continuous crying and anxiety and a lot of mood swing can also be noticed. They become paranoid about themselves and baby feeling someone will harm their baby or something bad will happen.

If you notice some of these symptoms in you, then you need a doctor or psychiatrist. They will help you to understand the situation and improve your thinking and behavior with the help of medication, psychotherapies, antidepressants, depression natural remedy and acupuncture.

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