Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Depression and Bad Relationships - How Are They Interconnected?

Frictions in married life are very common. Sometimes it causes depression. This is a sign that there is something wrong in your relationship and your relationship is going bad. The worst part of this depression is that both the partners are totally aware of the situation but cannot find the way out.

Married life brings ups and downs in relationship along with the joy and happiness associated with it. Sometimes the friction between the partners go to such extend that one of them or both go into depression. However, depression takes toll on women's health, both physical and mental more than men.

There are some signs which can very well tell the reason behind depression is bad relationship. Till the time one is leading happy and content married life, all is well. However, when the married life becomes full of stress and both the partners feel its pressure, depression starts showing its signs. Health related problems in women like infertility, pregnancy or menopause add up to the depression in women's lives if they do not get psychological support from their partners.

Here are 5 signs your depression may be related to bad relationship:

• Lack of or lost desire for sexual activities: Intimacy is one of the important parts of the married life. However if you feel you have lost your yearning to come together is may be because you are going through depression episode due to bad relationship.

• Insomnia: Increased stress and tension leads to lack of sleep. Negative thoughts lead people into sleeplessness and depression.

• Decrease in tolerance level: If you cannot tolerate slightest noise or get perturbed due to any kind of sound, it is a sign that your depression may be related to bad relationship. Sometimes if you cannot tolerate the laughter of your kids and get annoyed quickly, then it may be an indication that you are reacting this way due to bad relationship.

• If you and your partner are having episodes of difference of opinions which often results in one of the partners leaving that room or house for some time and another spending hours in isolation. The one, who spends hours alone, is in the high proximity of falling pray to depression due to bad relationship.

• If you are feeling lonely, helpless and disheartened all the time and are having suicidal thoughts just because your partner is not paying enough attention to your needs, it is an indication that you are depressed because of bad relationship.

These are a few signs that indicate that your depression is related to sore or bad relationship with your spouse. Try to speak to your partner without blaming him/her. Try to give as much time to your spouse as possible. If you have a good friend whom you can trust, tell him/her about your state of mind. However, if you are having suicidal thoughts, then getting professional help as early as possible will help you avoid further unhappy moments.

Don't let depression ruin your married life.

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