Monday, September 23, 2013

Mental Depression Equals Insanity?

The words 'mental depression' have scared the daylights out of people for ages. Any time mental illness is discussed it carries the stigma of insanity. It's not the case. Mental depression is a mental illness but it does not mean that you are crazy. Drop the mental illness stereotypes. Yes it is a disease of the mind but it is a disease that can be treated effectively and you do not have to feel abnormal or inferior to other human beings.

Mental depression attacks about 15 million Americans each year. But they're concerned about their image so only one third of them seek help. Make health the primary concern. Fairies won't come by night to make mental depression better. The illness demands attention. It affects anyone without warning. It doesn't care about your color or the god you worship. It has no care for financial or social status. It does not care if you are young or old. This disease has no boundaries. Early detection can be a great boon when it comes to treatment. However, depression is complicated and not easy to detect. People are down now and then. It is not a temporary affliction.

Common symptoms for depression are numerous. Those that are suffering may tend to become loners. They may not find any enjoyment in activities that once comforted them. Sleeping habits can alter and anxiety may increase as well. People may begin to eat more than usual or less than usual. The ability to deal with those around them may be impaired. Feelings of hopelessness may arise, and despair results. Emotional and physical state will show signs of decay. They can be suffering from mental depression and not even realize it. Sometimes we have to realize it for them.

Many things can cause depression. There is little doubt that 'stress' plays a major role. Stress can be brought on from many factors as well. Stress comes from relationships and even the struggle to make ends meet. There is also stress from losing someone you love. In many cases it is believed that mental depression can be passed on genetically. There are many possible causes of depression. But many possibilities exist for treatment. One typical treatment revolves around 'talk therapy'. This allows those that suffer to talk out their problems and look for positive reinforcement. There are also medications like anti-depressants and natural herbs that have been proven effective as well. Mental depression is a disease that can be cured if treated.

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