Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Can a Depression Test Help?

Depression is a serious and very common problem these days. Luckily the internet is full of great (and not so great) information which can help you overcome depression if you have it.

Before you can decide what to do you need to know if you are suffering from extreme unhappiness or actual depression. So the first question is can a depression test help you?

My answer is a definite yes for two main reasons: 1. it will help you understand exactly what depression, (if you suffer from it), is doing to you. The questions usually ask you about your behavior and feelings towards yourself and your daily life. 2. a depression test can never beat a professional diagnosis but can help you decide if you need to find professional help. The test can also show you how serious your problem is.

Any depression test needs to be seen as a guide only but can encourage you to take steps towards doing something about it. after all, the fact that you have taken the test means that you are more likely to take action.

Often the major obstacle to recovery is acceptance of the problem in the first place. Once you have taken a depression test you will be closer to the acceptance of your problem.

I always recommend using the internet as a source or guide to understanding and a way to make a decision. The internet is a great way to get access to support also and share your symptoms and feelings with others who may share your problems with depression.

In summary, a depression test can help you start out on a path towards recovery and show you what needs to be done. No test can be totally reliable so please leave any final decision to a professional.

In most cases depression is not serious and self help is a good way to go; however, if your case is severe such tests can help to reinforce the need to get help. depression tests are tools and are never intended to cure but rather to guide so use them wisely and think carefully about what the results are telling you.

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