Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Love and Depression

Your depression is inevitable if you love someone very much and that person either does not love you the same way or there are few hurdles that hinder you to be together.

Love actually transforms you into a slave or completely dominates over you.

This kind of feeling is actually a disease that hits you badly. You become weak and also dependent on your beloved. When this person does not care for you, you feel upset and all alone.

There might be several reasons for your depression if you are in love and you like none of these. On the contrary, you also feel that everything is against you.

Love is a very serious and problematic disease and it provokes several other diseases in your body. Above all, it also ruins your conscience. You actually cannot get rid of it. On the other hand, the positive aspect of love is to seek happiness from it. In that case you have to transform this disease into medicine to cure all your pains.

Love is truly wonderful when it is reciprocal and the person you love is very nice, caring and ready to give you anything you want. This would be the ideal recognition of your dreams!

However, reality is different and far away from the perfection... You can have couple of problems. You actually don't know whether this person really loves you or not. Some times the person also does not come up to your expectations, which ultimately creates problems.

You may also enter into a relationship that you have never dreamt of. You can feel this, because the person you love does not care for you as much as you do or maybe because their personality is immature, selfish and mysterious. This type of person is not the one that you desire. Since you are in love, so you ignore these things in good faith and hope that he or she will change and care for you, share life with you, etc. Actually nothing changes as per your good wishes.

There are ample of different cases, where love and depression can be correlated with each other.

You actually need some guidance to deal with these problems, which depend upon several factors like psychological type of both of you as well as your life. This direction you can only seek in the messages of your dreams, which are produced by the unconscious side of your psychic sphere. These messages are wise and saintly and also help you understand the personality of your lover. These develop your own personality the same way to make you more mature and sensitive. By seeking guidance from the unconscious through dream messages, your happiness will be inevitable and long lasting.

Dreams are very meaningful. Dreams produce important messages of the unconscious side of your psychic sphere that guides you and protects you from the craziness that you already inherit in the wild side of your conscience. It actually remains in its original pattern without the change in conscious. Love makes you very sensitive and irrational. You therefore make several mistakes, which you must avoid.

The unconscious is well aware that love plays a very important role in your life, so it transmits several dreams to you with specific information about the person whom you love. The purpose of this information is to protect you, keep your human conscience alive and also develop it in the best possible manner.

When you are in love, you need protection and guidance to direct you, what to do. You need this direly, as you are depending on the behaviour of a very special person for you. So, without having proper guidance and knowledge of what to do, you feel very weak and drained.

You receive free help and direction in your dream messages. I have extended my research on Carl Jung's study of the ignored side of the human psychic sphere through dream interpretation and discovered the wild conscience. So I can say that the translation you can have today is more clear, accurate and easy to comprehend as compared to Jung's dream interpretation, which is complicated, difficult to comprehend and apply.

By translating your dreams messages, you will gather the information about the person you love and everything important for you in this regard. It is all free of charge and as long as you want. Besides that you will also become a genius and will be protected from craziness and depression.

Hence, with this protection and guidance, your happiness will be guaranteed and long lasting. This will also not be threatened by the enemies and various unforeseen dangers that may come into your path.

You vision regarding the reality about your actions will certainly be enhanced and you will always receive warnings, advices and guidance in your dreams to keep your lover near you and also to remain happy in your life.

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