Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Low Thyroid Level - What Does it Mean?

According to a research conducted recently it is said that a slightly underactive thyroid, a symptom which is commonly known as subclinical hypothyroidism increases the chances of for example for major heart disease risk in older women. Common conditions like hardening of arteries and heart attack have no obvious symptoms in patients.

Generally, a subclinical low thyroid level can be found out using a simple blood test. By consuming thyroid hormone tablets to suppress the level of the thyroid stimulating hormone towards the low end of the normal range for men and women which can reduce death from the cardiovascular disease by 70 percent.

The thyroid stimulating hormone is made by the pituitary gland for the purpose of stimulating the thyroid gland to produce the thyroid hormone when required by the body. If the thyroid function is low, a message is sent to the pituitary gland to produce more TSH for stimulating the production of thyroid gland. High level of TSH indicates lazy, poorly functioning thyroid gland. A lower level of TSH indicates the thyroid is producing enough amounts of hormones for a healthier living.

Thyroid is the most important hormone of the body; it stimulates the cellular energy production and other hormones which in turn supports in development of body. When the thyroid levels are not optimal it affects the overall health including the weight, mental outlook, body temperature, energy levels the quality of hair and skin.

Low thyroid levels also impact in unexplained weight gain, fatigue, dry skin, irregular or faint heartbeat, sleep apnea, high or low blood pressure, chronic pain, constipation, frequent infections, brittle nails, weak muscles, head congestion and sinus problems, joint pain, hoarseness, and more.

When the thyroid amounts fall far in the body this slows down the metabolism and energy production. People with low thyroid levels are always infected with cold, constipated and gain weight without increasing the amount of food they eat. Individuals with low thyroid levels make the individual seem so listless and their simplest movement seems like such a chore.

Typically low thyroid levels are associated with cardiovascular diseases and increased risk for fatal heart attacks. Low thyroid levels are something to take very seriously and be on guard for. There are natural thyroid supplements but one should never hesitate to contact a doctor and to be tested.

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