Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Do Not Let Depression Get The Best Of You

Everybody experiences depression or has had their own share and it actually strikes us or it happens when we do not expect it. One moment you feel ecstatic and the nest minute you feel so down and you do not understand why. Sometimes we feel ashamed to accept or admit to others that we are going through depression. Because, people thinks that admitting it you also admit that you have failed in life and that you have this sort of psychological disorder that may mostly require assistance of a professional counselor or psychiatrist and in worse cases may even end up in a mental hospital.

Well, you should not be embarrassed or ashamed to admit depression. Acceptance is the first step to battling it and is a good sign of recovery. There is nothing to ashamed about it; you are not the only one after all. It is just a matter of handling it the healthy way.

It would be best to keep a journal where you may be able to document your thoughts and how you feel at certain point on time. Journal will help you express your self easily. It is easier to write down how we feel that to say it vocally, right? That way you are not pressured, you can be honest with what you will want to say and write them down without having to fear anything or judgment by others.

Another way to battle depression is to find others whom you can relate to, someone who are going through the same as you are going through and someone you can share your thoughts and feelings with and vice-versa. You may do so by joining open forums, group sessions and counseling. Here you will hear and encounter people who might have the same situation as yours or those who have far worse a situation that what you are going through. Seeing that you have edge compared the others or that you are not alone will boost your spirit and encourage you more to be better.

If and when on the other hand, you feel uncomfortable being around groups of people, you may join online groups instead. There are also lots of online forums where people are able to communicate and share each others stories and feelings and discuss without having to see each other face to face. You can simple sign up or register and log in using an anonymous profile, if you want to keep your real identity. There are cases in online forums where people encounter someone whom they have so much in common, develop friendship and then eventually end up meeting each other in person.

Unfortunately there are those whose situation has become worse by using prescription drugs. Do not easily fall on commercials you see on television that says a certain drug can cure depression similar with yours. In some way, medications may help and is indeed needed for worse cases of depression. But, usually they do not get cured.

You have to take into consideration that medications may turn into drug addiction. Once you are dependent to it, you become addicted with it that your system will only respond normally when you have taken it. Without it, may only make you all the more depressed. So, before you start taking one, think dozen times.

The best way to overcome depression is to think positively and eliminate all the negative thoughts and backward mind. Being negative will only make you feel so down and other will also affect how people feel around you, people do not want to hang out with people who are half empty or whose mind is elsewhere and not responsive. You have to think that everybody goes through depression and if others have surpassed it, so can you. Failures and down fall in life is not an end. They are just challenges that will harness your personality and make you stronger. Keep that in mind.

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