Sunday, April 27, 2014

Chronic Depression Caused By Over Stressing At Work - Symptoms And Cure

Life today is very fast and with every step you take, you find a competition for yourself. Survival of the fittest is what it's exactly all about. But among these neck breaking struggle at every step of your life, whether you win or lose, you cannot escape one thing and that's, depression. The professionals especially are prone to suffer from depression and most of the times, chronic depression. This is caused by work pressure and taking of excessive stress.

People who work under excessive stress have higher chances of suffering from chronic depression than others. A very common reason of chronic depression other than stress is non-co operation of colleagues or employees at the work place. As well as too much indulgence in thoughts or fear of losing to a competitor or job performance. Those working under intensely stressed environment or under too much stress, have the risk of high- blood pressure and cardiac related ailments. Professionals working under stress are vulnerable to chronic depression and it may lead them to hazardous consequences.

The symptoms of chronic depression are restlessness, you feel very impatient. The loss of sleep or insomnia is another indicator of you suffering from depression. Losing your temper and getting easily irritated, loss of memory, a feeling of running behind the schedule or fear of not completing work before deadline are also signs of chronic depression. A constant fear of losing job or low job performance, mood swings and getting bored of something which you love the most, all of these symptoms are of depression.

First thing to avoid this suffering for long is to identify it. Once you identify the symptoms go for a professional help from a trained professional psychotherapist or psychiatrist. The therapy used by them is called psychotherapy. They give counselling which helps in solving of the problems. It's also called 'talk therapy'. Something which you can do on your own is, decreasing your in take of coffee or caffeine and tea, have tea which doesn't contain caffeine.

The anti-depressant medicines provide much relief for the depressed person. The majority of people having anti-depressant drugs recovered completely from depression. These are most effective. But sometimes high dosage of anti-depressant medicines causes insomnia.

Vagus nerve stimulation or VNS is also a way to treat depression. It requires an implanted device to stimulate the vagus nerve.

Another way of treating depression is electroconvulsive therapy or ECT. The person suffering from depression is given brief electrical pulses on the head.

However, there is a new method now, to beat depression, called Linden's Method with success rate of 96% and more than 120,000 people have benefited from it already. The Linden Method is an instructional and guidance program that finds its roots in research of the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

When one purchases the Linden Method Program one receives material guidance goods, full quality support and a wealth of information. The package includes an E-book or a instructional publication of 200 pages. It also includes 10 CDs with audio programs and a DVD with a video program. The package also brings with it phone assistance and counselling for a year, with no limit on the amount of times or duration that one can call for.

All this comes with a money back guarantee that promises to return the cost price of the product to the buyer if he/ she does not experience any change after the prescribed one year of the program application.

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