Sunday, April 27, 2014

5 Signs That Your Relationship May Be Causing Your Depression

If relationship problems are making you feel down, then it is time for you to beat the depression. Romantic relationships are fun to be with, loving someone and getting back love in return is a beautiful thing. But when a relationship turns toxic for one or both partners, then there is reason to worry about it. If you are depressed and find yourself down in the dumps on more days than not, then you may have to do a re-think about whether you want to be in the relationship anymore. Following are 5 signs that your relationship may be the cause of your depression.

• You and your lover bicker all the time when you are together. It doesn't need a point of conflict, anything can start it. Everything, from the food you cooked, or the dress you wore, or about how to spend the evening or where to go and what to eat results in mindless bickering. In a healthy relationship, both of the lovers should be able to talk about everything, from simple to complex. When you find that bickering is replacing conversation in your relationship, then you need to fight the blues that come with it.

• True, life is busy these days. If both of you are holding full-time jobs, juggling work and love is not easy. But when you find that you or your partner is making an effort to stop spending time together, trouble must be brewing. An abrupt shift in the time spent together and a drastic lessening of activities you enjoyed doing together previously may want you to look for ways to fight depression and anxiety. Too much separation may lead to loss of intimacy.

• Do you or your lover insult each other all the time? When you are in the company of other people, do you find your lover insulting you and trying bring you down? Does he verbally abuse you and make you feel small? Does your lover raise doubts about your mental state and call you insane? Does your lover make an effort to make you feel bad about the way you look, dress, do things, cook, etc.? If this is the pattern of your relationship, then you must make a conscious effort to battle depression on your own.

• Your lover manipulates your sex life. Without bothering about what you are feeling or what you want, your lover wants sex from you whenever he/she wants it. A couple of times of this occurrence may be excused, but when it becomes an everyday affair, then you must know that it is not a normal relationship.

• Your lover is jealous for no reason. It is not that he/she is jealous of you flirting with other people but rather it is a result of a deep sense of insecurity and lack of self-esteem your lover may be suffering from.

Beating depression that arises out of a relationship may actually lead to a break up. It is for you to decide.

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