Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Why Pre-Employment Drug Testing is Needed

Employee productivity and healthy professional environment needs to be maintained at any organization to ensure sustained growth and profit. Pre-employment drug testing helps organization maintain integrity, discipline, professionalism etc at workplace by ensuring a drug free environment. Pre-employment drug testing has become important process in many organizations as it helps to prevent employees who abuse drugs from joining the organization. Thus, it helps save costs that are lost in employee health care and compensation given to drug abusing employees.

Pre-employment drug testing plays an important role to ensure safe and secure workplace environment.

The organizations has to make sure that the workplace environment is free from any kind of addiction related accidents, injuries, crimes etc. Pre-employment testing for drugs increases the safety at the job and maintains safe and secure environment. A future employee with addiction problems can be found by performing pre-employment testing and stopped from joining the organization. As pre-employment testing ensures that only productive and efficient employees join the organization, it can get assured that Federal work-safety guidelines are followed by its employees.

Helps In Effective Hiring Decision Making
The companies suffer a loss of several thousand dollars every year for hiring a drug using employee. The pre-employment testing for drugs helps in making effective hiring decision as companies can eliminate future employees who abuse drugs at the screening stage itself. So, the organizations finds it easier not to hire a person who abuses drugs than spending on health insurance premiums, training, and compensation on later date.

To Reduce Absenteeism
Employees who abuse drugs suffer from illnesses, injuries, depression etc that affects their productivity, punctuality, presence at workplace. They frequently remain absent from their work. Pre-employment drug testing can help point out such employees who abuse drugs and reduce absenteeism of employees.

Reduces Disciplinary Actions
Pre-employment testing helps filter out future employees who abuse drugs that can become detrimental to the growth of organization. By filtering out such employees, organizations can ensure that there will be less workplace conflicts, accidents, unscrupulous behavior etc. Thus, the management of the organization will have to take less disciplinary action against employees. There will be less disciplinary action taken as there will be very few employees who abuse drugs.

Reduces Losses Due To Absenteeism, Theft, and Fraud
Employees who abuse drugs are likely to get indulged in workplace conflicts, absenteeism, theft, fraud etc which means significant losses for organization. These losses can be in terms of damage to equipments, machinery, vehicles, property etc. Conducting pre-employment drug testing can help reduce these losses by removing drug abusing employees.

To Increase Productivity
Drug free and healthy work environment promotes positive traits like productivity, professionalism, discipline, integrity etc. Drug abusing employee decreases productivity, corrupts workplace environment, promotes negative traits, and unprofessional behavior. Pre-employment drug testing ensures that there is healthier working environment. A healthier workplace environment means increased employee productivity and quality of work thereby increasing the profits of organization. Also, it is notice that removing drug addicted employees improves productivity of other employees and reduces workplace accidents.

Pre-employment testing for drugs is an effective tool to maintain a drug free and healthy environment at workplace, enhance employee productivity etc. The company can significantly reduce health costs towards medical treatment of drug abusing employees due to addiction related workplace accidents and illnesses. Recruitment costs towards hiring, firing, and training can also be saved as drug abusing employees can be filtered out through pre-employment drug testing.

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