Monday, December 2, 2013

Long and Short Term Affects of Depression

Depression may be the biggest enemy of human beings. It affects you in so many ways. It disturbs your almost all daily activities. Depression has so many types; each type has different associated affects. Affects of depression may be mild to severe depending upon the types of depression. Depression affects you in so many ways such as physically, emotionally, socially etc. So many long term and short term affects of depression disturb you in your daily routine. Short term affects of depression may turn into long term affects if not cured at the right time.

Long term affects: Long term depression is characterized by persistent depressive symptoms that may last for years depending upon the severity and the age of the patient. Long term depression may last for more than two years or more in adults and almost one year or more in children and adolescents. Affects of long term depression are:

1. The biggest affect of long term depression is unrelenting sadness, anxiety and other mood problems such as empty mood etc.

2. Long term feelings of hopelessness and negative thoughts that may last for years, in few cases might last for entire life as well.

3. Long term affects result in persistent feelings of helplessness and worthlessness, due to which sufferers often do not realize their skills, they underestimate their selves and may choose a wrong direction for their future.

4. Patients suffering from long term affects of depression often found facing sleeping problems such as, Insomnia and hypomania disorders. These two disorders cause sleeplessness and excessive amount of sleep, patients might sleep for more than 20 hours a day.

5. The affects of long term depression causes less amount of Interest in those enjoyable activities that a person suffering from depression loved to cherish in the past.

6. Problems in concentrating which may threat your position at your work place or those other places that require plenty of concentration.

7. Physical problems such as headache, abdominal pain etc may become part of your daily life that may cause inability to perform daily duties as effectively as a normal person.

8. Fatigue, long lasting affect of fatigue may cost you inability to perform various tasks efficiently and energetically.

9. The long term affects of depression may also result in suicide as well; so many cases of suicides have been noticed due to depression.

Short term affects: Short term affects of depression may not harm you persistently for years or life time. However if you do not seek a proper treatment then the affects may become very dangerous. Some of the common affects of short term depression are:

1. Fatigue or loss of energy

2. The room for enjoyment decreases and sometimes may become negligible.

3. You might become less energetic for a short period of time.

4. Less interest in social activities is also one of the short term affects of depression

5. Sexual problems are also associated with short term affects of depression such as impotence in men, erectile problems, period problems in women.

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