Sunday, November 17, 2013

How to Cope With Depression And Come Out Strongly

Adversities hit all of us at some point in our lives. It is common for people to feel low and down when an adversity strikes or when they are faced with tough situation. But you should be able to adapt quickly and deal with whatever has happened in a positive, constructive sort of way. If the negative feelings and depressed mood doesn't go away and remains constant, then this is something to worry about and get treated as early as possible.

There are various symptoms of depression like feeling helpless, hopelessness, feeling lonely, sad, lack of interest in anything, getting irritated easily etc. You might notice changes in appetite and sleep related problems as well. So how do you cope with depression? How do you treat it?

Whenever you notice these symptoms you should take immediate action. You should not delay in treating this disorder. Many people just ignore and try to keep living with these symptoms. But they will not be happy and sooner or later will get frustrated with such a kind of life. They may start avoiding company of others. Some people take medication to treat depression. But this is not a healthy way of treatment. Medicines come with a lot of side effects.

One of the dangerous side effects of anti-depressants is that you might get addicted to them. Once you stop taking the medicine, your depression is likely to come back again. You might also suffer from other ailments.

There are better alternatives to cope with depression. You might try meditation and relaxation techniques. Cognitive behavior therapy and NLP are also options you can explore for coping with depression. Love and support of your family and friends is very essential as it is difficult to fight this battle on your own.

If you are unable to cope with depression on your own, then you may even approach a psychiatrist for help. However, most of the psychiatrists might charge big fees that may scare away a of people. So, your first attempt should be to treat depression on your own. This is called as depression self help.

What is the advantage of depression self help? Firstly, you will save money by not having to pay the expensive fees of psychiatrists. Secondly, you can avoid side effects of anti-depression medicines. Thirdly, you will feel more in control of your emotions as you learn how to cope with depression.

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