Saturday, July 13, 2013

Postnatal Depression - Facts and Symptoms That You Never Knew!

You are probably here either because you heard about postnatal depression but is unsure what postnatal depression is about or you're probably suspecting that you have this illness. Whatever the reason, here are some facts that you should know. First of all, this illness affects one in ten women and usually begins in the first six months after childbirth. However, postnatal depression can begin in pregnancy for some women. Besides, an important thing to note is that postnatal depression can occur at any time within the first year after the birth of a baby and can last for longer than a year if no help is seek and received. Therefore, do seek help before it worsen as untreated postnatal depression can lead to the breakdown of relationships with your partners or children.

Are you being unsure whether you've contracted this illness? Fret not, here are some of the usual symptoms of postnatal depression.

You are anxious and fearful- You may feel very anxious and may even become obsessed with unjustified fears of your baby, yourself or your partner. Besides, you may feel unsafe when no one is by your side and you need someone to be with you all the time. Another postnatal depression symptom also include you having overwhelming fears for example you or your baby dying.

You worry a lot- You have unjustified worries about the things that you normally take for granted. Everyone have worries from time to time, but something is definitely wrong when worrying become more than it would be usual for you. Therefore, you may have postnatal depression. Consult your doctor before it worsens.

You have uncontrollable feelings of panic- Your heart beats faster, your palms of your hands becomes sweaty and you may feel sick, even that you are going to faint. These attacks can happen at any time but are most common in new or stressful situations.

You feel tense- You feel tightness in your neck and shoulders and may be unable to unwind and relax yourself no matter how hard you try. Instead, you feel more tense up the harder you try to relax.

You have more physical aches and pains- This is another symptom of postnatal depression that includes headaches, blurred vision and stomach pains. These are however, signs of tension and that your body is telling you that you are not feeling well.

You are easily irritated- You may find yourself shouting and snapping at your children, baby, partner or other for no good reason at all. In fact, they can't understand the reason of you shouting at them and why they deserve your anger.

You feel sad-There are a different level of sadness that vary from just feeling low, to utter despair which you feel as if your world is an empty space. Besides, you think about negative things that focus on your failures all day long. In worst case, you might even feel that your baby and partner will be living better without you.

If you have any symptoms or similar symptoms, do consult your doctor immediately. Early diagnosis and treatment of postnatal depression will result in a faster recovery. Therefore, don't lose hope too soon!

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