Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Clinical Depression Symptoms - Physical, Behavioral and Emotional

Clinical depression is also known as major depression and unipolar depression. It is a mental disorder characterized by low mood and low self-esteem. It negatively affects the way you feel, you think and you act. People suffering from depression often lost interest in all activities. Clinical depression doesn't mean feeling sad for a few days. It affects eating habits, feelings, body, mood and even ability to work.

It is a serious problem which lasts for a long period of time. It may even generate suicidal tendencies. It has no limitation of age and gender. Common symptoms of clinical depression can be divided into three categories-


o Changes in appetite

o Sleep disturbances

o Low energy and fatigue

o Digestive problems


o Loss of pleasure in activities like sex, sports etc.

o Difficulty in concentration

o Difficulty in making decisions


o Irritability

o Hopelessness

o Suicidal tendencies

o Persistent sad mood

Though, depression is very common still the understanding of the many aspects of depression are prone to research and discussion. Depression can be diagnosed and treated. No laboratory test is available for clinical depression. Its diagnosis is based on patient's self-reported experiences and changes noticed by the friends and family. Anti Depression medication, psychotherapy and counseling are good treatment options for depression. Hospitalization becomes must in severe cases. Proper treatment and advice can help people to get back to their normal stage. Sometimes effects can be seen in few weeks. If you or your loved one is feeling some of the symptoms mentioned above then it is a smart idea to find some help.

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