Sunday, April 21, 2013

What Is Bipolar Depression?

In this article I'm going to describe the symptoms of bipolar depression and describe for you exactly what it is. When you better understand this you'll be in a position to cope better or help someone with this disorder.

I'd guess that the reason you're reading this is either you think you may have bipolar depression or you know someone who seems to have it. Read on for some of the answers.

There are many forms of depression and this particular type is especially difficult to cope with.

Let's get down to the symptoms first and try to makes things a bit clearer for you.

So what is bipolar depression exactly?

Bipolar refers to two opposites like the North and the South Pole are at opposite ends of the world. So, too, a sufferer of bipolar depression swings from a good to a bad mood. Constant ups and downs. These mood swings change between extreme happiness (called mania) and depression.

In short it is a mood disorder. Someone suffering from this form of depression will have manic episodes. What are they?

A manic episode is a sudden change of mood to an unusually high state. Some of the symptoms are:

*lots of energy yet little sleep
*inflated sense of self esteem
*talking too much in a stressed way
*increased desire for sex
*spending sprees
*thoughts that don't slow down or stop
*unreasonably exaggerated plans or claims
*irritability and aggressive behavior
*easily distracted by small things

The best thing you can do if you observe these symptoms in yourself or someone you know is see a doctor. We all suffer from some of these symptoms and so it is important to get help if the symptoms are serious enough to affect daily life or relationships.

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