Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Depression and Anxiety Test - Can You Change Your Point of View?

One glaring symptom of clinical depression is an inability to see the glass as half full. A depressed person tends to look at the negative side of most situations. This is one of the major obstacles that must be overcome when recovering from depression or anxiety. Being more positive can be like trying to remove a heavy blanket that seems to be covering the emotions and stifling the energy at a very deep level. The effort can seem Herculean and not be worth the effort.

We know that holding a more optimistic view of life is linked to positive moods and good morale, to popularity, good health and even to long life. Positive expectancies also predict better reactions during transitions to new environments, sudden tragedies and unlikely turn of events.

This positive attitude is more than just taking lemons and making lemonade although that is a good way to live, too. Being positive means that you change your point of view. It means that you look at a situation and make it mean something good. It means having the skill to communicate with yourself and others that you expect life to be enjoyable and manageable. You embrace a realistic view of problem solving.

For example, if your boss approached you and said he wanted someone else to start doing a report you had always done you could get all hurt and depressed and think you had been judged unfairly. You could also decide to ask you boss why. You might be surprised to learn that you were being given more responsibility and the boss wanted to free up some of your time for higher level duties. That might change your point of view.

Can you think of a positive reason for each of the following?

1. Your spouse is very pre-occupied lately.

2. Your kids have stopped bringing their friends home.

3. You have placed 2nd in some contest of skill.

We are always faced with choices to make in life and you get to decide if you want to be optimistic or pessimistic. Signs of depression will surely follow the later and happiness and fulfilling challenges the former. So way not decide now, today, to begin to see the bright side. It is a choice and you are free to make it.

Your new attitude of optimism will free you from any need to control or manipulate people and will help to bring people closer to you. This view of the world is contagious and a socially desirable trait.

I hope you want to look forward to success in all of your endeavors by learning to be resilient. Who knows, you may eventually inspire others to see life as a fulfilling journey to take rather than a dreary problem to solve or avoid.

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