Monday, October 14, 2013

Depression and Emotions Anonymous

Depression can have both biological and circumstantial causes. Physiological causes my include:

  • Thyroid disorders - Thyroid deficiency can cause depression. A simple blood test can determine levels of thyroid hormones.

  • Iodine deficiency - An iodine deficiency can cause depression. A urine test called an iodine loading test can determine levels of iodine in the body.

  • Vitamin deficiencies - Vitamin deficiencies, particularly a lack of B vitamins can cause both depression and psychosis. A blood test can determine levels of vitamins in the body.

  • Neurotransmitter deficiencies: A lack of serotonin, norepephrenine, and epephrenine can cause depression. A test called a neurotransmitter test can determine levels of these important elements in the brain.

Depression can be triggered by:

  • Chronic trauma, which has a long term basis of six months or more.

  • Acute trauma, which lasts two weeks or less.

Disorders connected with trauma may include:

  • Anxiety disorders, involving both both generalized and specific anxieties.

  • Panic disorders,characterized by rapid breathing, heart palpitations, profuse perspiration, and feelings of unreality.

  • Dissociative Disorders including fugue disorder, depersonalization, and multiple personality disorder.

Sufferers need a safe place to find acceptance, guidance, and direction.

Emotions Anonymous provides such an atmosphere. Often held in hospital settings, these groups offer safe venues for the expression of deep seated feelings.

Sufferers, such as myself, may feel the gap between us and people who have never had mental health challenges. Therefore find acceptance in a well facilitated group can be an essential part of learning to cope with our special circumstances.

Blessings to all who have experienced mental health challenges. It isn't easy, but it's not impossible to cope with these situations with good support from both the medical and the alternative healing communities

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