Sunday, June 15, 2014

4 Tips on Being a Happy and Relaxed Person

Being a happy and relaxed person these days has become more and more difficult with financial and other issues to deal with which prevent us from doing life's important things. Stress and general ill-health brought on by psychological disorders are more prevalent today than at any other time in history. Now is the time to look at yourself honestly and ask exactly what is it do you want from life that will make you a more happy and relaxed person?

Really focus on the things that will make you happy and more relaxed until such time as they become reality for you. The only difference from people that do and people that don't is the state of their mind, period. The good news is that we all have the choice to change it whenever we really want to. Just changing this one aspect of your life, albeit a powerful one, will make you a happy and relaxed person, guaranteed.

I hope that the few tips below on being happy and relaxed will assist in helping you to decide to change for the better and forever:

Tips No. 1 - Being As relaxed and happy as you want is a personal choice

The song "don't worry be happy" is very difficult to listen to and stay miserable at the same time purely from the tone of the music. Music is therefore a great way to not only make you more relaxed but to put you in a happy state of mind. Music has been scientifically proven to assist in this area for many years. It is to do with the tone and the way they act on your brain.

Tips No. 2 A Happy And Relaxed Person = A Person Who Lives Longer And Livelier

Visualization of all the good things in your life will, over time, change the way you thing about life resulting in a happy and relaxed disposition. Stop focusing on those things that make you miserable and start to stop taking the good things in your life for granted i.e. source of income, family friends and pay them as much attention as you do to news and gossip about what is wrong with the world. What the mind focuses on and therefore believe in becomes your reality. You choose. Staying relaxed and to some extent happy has great medical benefits in reducing stress, strokes, high blood pressure, gastric problems etc etc.

A great quote that I will always remember is "The only thing in life, that will always remain the same, is change". Think about that one for a moment and see where it takes you. The magical thing about our minds is that we have the ability to change in an instance and go off in a different direction and improve our entire life, just through chosing to do so.

Tips No 3. Friends And Family

We, by nature, are creatures of a social nature and being around people who have the same outlook on life makes us feel comfortable, happy, safe and relaxed. Sometimes however it is easy to get into a negative mind set around such people and remain in the social group just because it gives you a sense of belonging to something, even if it leads you down the path of negative though manifestation on a constant basis. Take the gossip group at work for instance. A lot of people hang in these groups and belong to them but what is it doing for their chances of living a happy and more relaxed life, absolutely nothing.

Tips No 4. Super Tip To Increase Your Chances of a happy and relaxed way of life.

It's so simple. Change your mind/thoughts will change your life. Make a conscious decision today, convince your subconscious that you are a relaxed and happy person, stick with that line of self conversation and watch yourself change from the inside without having to consciously be involved in the process.

What needs to be done is that a reprogramming of your mind need to occur which alters your current paradigms (habits) into ones which get you were you want to go and make you the sort of person you want to be. The mind is a great and powerful thing and people should generally be more careful what they expose it to as once something appears in your subconscious it will remain in there.

One last quote, this time from Mr Abraham Lincoln. It goes life this "Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be". Just go over that a few times and see where it takes you.

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