Saturday, October 12, 2013

Deep Depression Symptoms and How to Pull Out From Such Symptoms?

Depression has different stages and it can be really deep and severe which can be life threatening. In deep depression a person often tends to have suicidal attitudes and becomes totally socially ostracized. He feels low and socially outcast even if others don't think of him so. The depression symptoms make one loss interest or pleasure among worldly things and there is always a kind of fear in their minds. Sometimes to overcome the symptoms they get engaged themselves in drugs, and other medications which in the long run hamper the health.

What are the deep depress symptoms?

Depressed Mood: A person with deep depression always looks sad or empty and may cry or feel very low. Children suffering from deep depression remain secluded and cry in anguish.

Decreased Interest or Pleasure: There is a kind of diminished interest in daily activities, and other regular work.

Weight Changes: Deep depressed persons often show weight changes either they gain or loss weight. In children the weight changes is more noticeable.

Sleep Disturbances: Persons suffering from deep depression often bear symptoms of sleeplessness or insomnia.

Psychomotor Agitation or Retardation: The person remains always restless or agitated and remains physically slowed downed in daily work.

Fatigue: Fatigue is also a symptom in deep depressions

Feelings of Worthlessness or Guilt: Depressed persons always have the feeling of guilt and worthlessness in this world and they feel to have no control over things.

Thoughts of Death: This is the most depressed feeling and is threatening too. The depressed person may start having thoughts of death, suicide, and may attempt few too with specific plans.
The adverse affects of deep depression on overall health of persons are really dangerous. So you need to control your depression and try to get rid of it before it takes dangerous turn.
Medications and psychotherapy are few steps that most folk follow to tackle the deep depressions. These are no doubt effective methods to control the depression but they cannot eradicate it from your life completely!
The only way to remove depressions forever from your life is to bring positive energies inside you, become more faithful towards God, and have unquestionable faith in Him and prayers. You have to find the solace on His arms only. The real solution to a depression free life is only in spirituality. Your spirituality with take you close to God! If you have thoughts that your life is full of sins and you are not acceptable to his arms now, you are very wrong! God is the epitome of mercy and none can be as merciful as HIM!

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