Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What Are The Different Types Of Depression?

So what is depression? For me I would describe it as an illness that affects the body and mind, depression affects your self-worth, self-esteem, confidence and your social life, being able to mix with others can be quite a challenge as well, and you even find it quite hard to deal with your own company, you see yourself as someone who has no value to life in general, you find it very hard to think positive and you always assume the worst, you lack motivation and struggle to get going in the morning, it can get to a point where you have no will to live anymore, being at this stage is very serious as there is only one more stage after that and that's taking your own life. When talking to people about this, those that don't really have any idea about the seriousness of depression seem to smirk at the fact that someone could actually take their own life, this kind of response gets to me because most don't take depression serious enough, and then wonders why someone takes their own life.

What are the different types of depression?

Today I want to discuss just two of them, there are other varieties but for today I will take about two. OK the first is major depression, this is a very serious type of depression and would suggest that the sufferer would have had depression for quite some time to get to this stage, possible 1-2 months or even longer, this depends on a variety of things. Symptoms of major depression are as followed, lack of eating resulting from a loss of appetite, changes in their weight, sleeping issues and a feeling of worthlessness, and loneliness, these are the main symptoms of major depression, but there are a lot more than just these. OK the second I want to discuss is manic depression, the symptoms are very similar to major depression, they are as followed, loneliness, a lack of energy, becoming irritated a lot, sleeping issues, can experience pain in certain parts of the body, usually the back is one of those areas, manic depression sufferers usually experience irregular thought patterns and with that find it very hard to focus on anything for a long period of time, this can also happen with major depression sufferers.

Treatment for these conditions can be fairly easily if caught in the early stages, however if not the condition can be treated but it will take a lot longer and different methods will need to be implemented, but in saying that all types of depression can be treated and cured. My belief is that all depression can be treated through using natural methods, for this to take place the depression sufferer first need to make the decision to want to change and if there is a big enough want a path can be created.

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