Sunday, January 12, 2014

Never Feel Alone: Find Support Groups for Depression Today

Mary was a successful woman. She headed an up-and-coming real estate business in Atlanta, Georgia, and pioneered a non-government organization for troubled youth. But deep inside she was troubled. She was fighting depression all on her own. She tried talking to friends and family members, and though they offered comfort and kind words, they never really completely understood her situation. Perhaps tired of the loneliness and desolation, she killed herself.

Mary is just one of the thousands of people who end up dead because of depression. The worse thing is it's not really the mental illness itself that drives them to their graves but the feeling of isolation and complete hopelessness.

If you're suffering from depression, know that you're not alone. There are hundreds of men and women, even children and teens, who are going through all your struggles. What you simply need to do is to search for support groups for depression.

How to Find the Most Ideal Depression Support Groups

1. Ask for assistance from clinics and hospitals within your area. Most likely they have their own small group or they are affiliated with one. It's a lot easier for you to sign up if you're recommended by the health care facility.

2. Request for tips from your counsellor or psychologist. The professional you're seeing may also be offering services to certain organizations. If you're ready to share your story with others, you can request your counsellor to let you join the support group.

3. Go online. A lot of these associations have already made their presence in the Internet. This is to ensure they can reach out to as many people as possible every day. You can just type "support groups" in search engines like Google, and you can generate hundreds of results. The good thing about checking out websites is you can get a general idea of the organization and how they conduct support group sessions. It's faster and easier for you to decide which group to join.

4. Check the weekly calendar of newspapers. Some of these organizations do invite the public to join in their meetings, and they publish the schedule and other details in the newspaper. They may also hold charities and other activities. Attending in one gives you an opportunity to meet some of their officers, who can provide you with more information about themselves.

Choosing the Best Support Group

The best support group actually depends on you. You have to take note of your needs and preferences. For example, if you have manic depression, it's advisable to search for manic depression support groups.

You also want to look for an organization you'll feel comfortable. Depression already gives you an unworthy feeling. You don't want to add "unwelcome" to the list.

There are different activities you can look forward in support groups, including speaking of subliminal messages such as "I am much bigger than this sadness" or "I can beat depression." The main idea is to remove negative thoughts and put in positive ones.

Treating depression doesn't have to be a one-man battle. In fact, to overcome depression, you should never feel alone. Be in a support group today.

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