Monday, January 13, 2014

How To Improve Breast Cancer Patients Quality Of Life

Being diagnosed with breast cancer is a life changing event and many people have problems keeping their spirits up after such an announcement. Whether is you or a close friend or relative suffering from cancer, it's important to remain optimistic and avoid depression and stress. While not a replacement for conventional therapy, some of the following techniques and therapies can help you fight depression and encourage your body to fight cancer more effectively.


Many people find comfort on meditation, and learning how to keep your mind still even in challenging circumstances can go a long way towards avoiding falling victim of despair. There are many meditation techniques that can help you get a better understanding of your body and your thought processes, and so identify and avoid negative thoughts and attitudes that can lead to depression. Since a depressed person is often more at risk of infections and recovers more slowly from the side effects of breast cancer treatment, meditation can be a good non-chemical alternative to conventional anti-depressants.


Yoga is an ideal sport for cancer patients because it helps settle down the mind and increases body awareness, without requiring excessive effort or strength that wouldn't be suitable for somebody going through cancer treatment. There are many different Yoga schools, and it's worth talking with your doctor about it as a way to stay fit and help your body recover from chemo or radiotherapy. It is said that by enhancing your own immune system through this kind of exercise, your body can better fight the cancerous cells and so increase the effects of conventional therapies without having to take more medicine.


Some essential oils are said to reduce nausea and improve overall wellbeing, so it may be worth including them on your relaxation routine in the form of essential oils baths or even massages. Massages are said to improve general wellbeing and can help cancer sufferers improve their quality of life even when under heavy treatment. You don't need to spend a lot of money on professional massaging, many people find a simple home massage machine or their partner's hands a perfect way to relax and feel better about their chances of beating cancer.

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