Friday, January 17, 2014

Signs of Depression and Treatment Based on Scientific Discovery Related to Dreaming and Spirituality

You will understand that you suffer from depression if you are always sad, and if you have no motivation to do anything.

Sadness is part of human life, but when we are not able to find solutions and overcome it, we tend to be dominated by despair.

If you are desperate, this means that you believe that there is no solution for your problem; you feel imprisoned in a labyrinth and there is no way out. If this is the feeling you have, this is a sign that you suffer from depression.

Depression is a normal reaction when we understand that we cannot change anything in the world where we are. We cannot change other people's behavior, nor cure invincible diseases or prevent accidents.

However, if we don't overcome this feeling believing that we can do something and find salvation, we are dominated by despair. The domination of despair increases our depression and generates panic.

If you tend to be dominated by despair all the time, you have lost all your courage and you don't want to continue living, these are signs that you suffer from depression and you need treatment. This is not only a provisory feeling of impotence.

Fortunately, there is a magical solution for you. Thanks to a recent scientific discovery based on dreaming, we can completely eliminate depression and despair and prevent all mental illnesses.

This solution cures the human psyche. It transforms the world, cures all diseases and mental illnesses, and puts an end to terrorism, violence, immorality, hypocrisy, futility, indifference, poverty, tragic accidents and invincible diseases.

By translating the meaning of your dreams you enter in contact with the unconscious mind that produces them. You will then begin to understand the wise messages contained in the dream images. The unconscious mind is a superior mind and entity that proves the existence of God, the existence of goodness, and the existence of real happiness. There is hope for the human being!

The meaning of our dreams is really extremely important, even though it has been distorted throughout time, until now.

Only the psychiatrist Carl Jung managed to discover the real code for a perfect dream translation, proving that his interpretations allowed to the dreamer to have a communication with the unconscious mind. However, until today many people doubt that he was right.

My work proves that Carl Jung really discovered how we can accurately translate our dreams and understand the unconscious messages. I continued his research and discovered that the unconscious mind is even more important than what he believed.

The psychotherapy of the unconscious mind in your dreams will cure your depression and help you become more intelligent. At the same time, it will purify your spirit.

The treatment for depression based on scientific dream interpretation is also a philosophical and religious transformation regardless of the faith you adhere to. It is a religious transformation that will occur regardless of whether or not you are an agnostic or an atheist. All religions explain a part of the complex truth of the meaning of life and death and help the human being attain spiritual perfection.

If you are an atheist you'll learn why you need religiosity in your life, besides scientific knowledge. You'll feel much better for understanding that there is also a spiritual reality, besides the material one.

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