Saturday, November 30, 2013

Things To Do When You're Depressed

There are some basic things to do when your depressed that can really help deal with common depression that many people face each day. Assuming that you're not dealing with clinical depression or another type of depression that demands medical or mental health attention, making some simple choices to add certain things to your life, when you become blue or down feeling, can really help to lift depression and minimize its grip on your psyche. Gathering strength of will to make some lifestyle changes may be the single more difficult thing to do. However, if you decide to take action regarding things to do when your depressed, you will be surprised at how you actually feel almost immediately.

Many people experience some form of depression at some point or other in their lives, whether due to a minor personal setback or serious personal loss. While some people should seek mental health attention if they experience deep depression for over two weeks, many can deal with common depression by making some good personal choices. The only extra help you may really need is some support from friends or family, who encourage you or provide accountability for your new choices. Here are some basic things to do when your depressed:

Exercise and Eat Well

Usually when someone is down or depressed, eating right and exercising are the last things they actually like doing. However, these two things may be the most important first things to do in beginning to lift the suffocating depression in your life. Make a choice to engage in moderate exercise at least 4 days a week for 20 minutes a day, more if possible. Also, plan a menu every week that includes healthy foods free from sugar, processed foods and caffeine. Fresh produce and lean meats like turkey and salmon are great for helping a person feel better.

Choose a New Activity

It's typical for people who feel depressed to withdraw from others, however, this is the time that you should choose to interact with others. Choosing a new hobby that involves other people is a great way to naturally socialize. Join a class, get involved in a sport or join a travel club. You'll be surprised at how this will lift your spirits.

Choose to Think of Others

Depressed people tend to stare at their own problems constantly and can lose touch with the bigger picture in life. Stepping outside of your personal issues and helping someone else can be an invigorating experience, not mention how it can affect another person. Make a point to offer a random act of kindness to someone you work with, a family member, a stranger or a friend. It can be as simple as a pat on the back, a card sent or taking a meal to your next door neighbor. Do something intentional for at least one person, once a day for a solid month. You will find that your despondency will begin to lift, while making these choices about things to do when your depressed.

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