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The Male Menopause Test

The Male Menopause Test Is A Test You Don't Want To Pass

The problem of Andropause, and the symptoms of Male Menopause, are comparable to the ones women experience, and can every now and then, be as negative. However, male menopause does not at all affect all men, at least not with the same inclusivity. Only some of the men amid the age of forty and fifty will face the condition, and it's symptoms of Andropause. Over fifty, there is a sharp spike in the amount of men that will fall victim to this bothersome syndrome.

All the changes brought on by Andropause, that happen in each man throughout the male menopausal period, could affect every aspect of their lives. Male menopause is recognized as a physical condition, but manifests in personal, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions.

Men, like women, also encounter hormonal fluctuations that affect their sexuality, mood, and personality. Both men and women experience sexual difficulties as a result of the hormonal imbalance, but only men suffer from Erectile Dysfunction, which could be mentally devastating.

All men going through Andropause, can go through hormonal changes, that will significantly affect their lives. The levels of sexual hormones will diminish at their mid-life, and may have symptoms which are usually complementary with male menopause. It is necessary to note that each man has a distinctive chemistry, and their individual levels of hormonal loss may vary widely.

As the level of hormones decrease, it can bring on the decrease in sex drive, and the general well being of their health. The occurrence of these problems will also lead to the increase of depression, and weight gain, and definitely will change the day to day living, as compared to their lives before the onset of Andropause, or Male Menopause.

Throughout the Andropausal period, some men can face Erectile Dysfunction problems, with regards to impotence. It is the constant inability to achieve and maintain an erection, that is enough to have a satisfactory sexual performance. And for the reason of impotency, men will have abated sexual desires.

How could a man recognize that he is going through that specific stage in life, the Andropausal period? There are some symptoms to be aware of. Some are physical, some are psychological, and some are sexual. The following are the symptoms that a male is going through a male menopausal period.

Physical symptoms of male menopause include:

1. Recovery from injuries and disease takes longer

2. Less capacity for physical activity

3. Increase of weight

4. Difficulty reading small print

5. Depletion or thinning of hair

6. Sleep restlessness

7. Low libido

8. Deficiency of energy

Cerebral symptoms of male menopause include:

1. Exasperation

2. Hesitancy or difficulty in making decisions

3. Worry and fear for life

4. Bleakness

5. Low self-esteem, self-confidence and joy

6. Loss of purpose, and direction in life

7. Feeling alone, unattractive, and unloved

8. Lack of memory and dilemma in concentrating

9. Mood swings

Sexual symptoms of male menopause include:

1. Decreased sex drive

2. Anxiety of sexual impotency

3. More bonding problems, and fights happen with regards to sex, love, and intimacy

4. Erectile Dysfunction, incapacity to get erect all through intimacy

5. Increase of allure to a much younger, opposite sex

All the symptoms that a male can go through during the male menopausal period could be treated. Although men have been suffering from either physical, emotional or sexual symptoms of male menopause, you need to control it, not through attempting self-diagnosis, but by speaking to a doctor. This will lead to being better informed, and getting the proper treatment to diminish the symptoms of the syndrome. There are several treatments for lowered male hormones, that constitute either natural, or pharmaceutical drugs. Going Natural is always better, to avoid unwanted, and sometimes severe, side effects.

There is a specific mixture of vitamins, herbs and amino acids, that will alleviate the symptoms of Andropause and Erectile Dysfunction. You can read more about this at my web site.

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