Monday, November 25, 2013

Taking a Closer Look at Moving Quotes

Anticipating moving cost is as easy as putting your stuff inside the box when you know what to do. Before you contact movers to provide you with their moving quotes and get the job done, be sure you get a clear picture of the whole process. This way you can save time, effort and most importantly, money.

Here are some of the things you definitely have to remember:

• List down every item you want to move. The moving quotes the movers will give you are based on the items you have enumerated. Count every furniture, electronic gadgets or boxes you have. Remember, movers will charge you with every item that's not included in your list.

• Overestimate sensibly to avoid surprise charges. It is better to put a little extra room for things which you might have forgotten than remember them on the day of moving because you will be charged extra amount for that.

• Pack things yourself to save cost. Nothing beats your own hands in packing and taking care of your stuff. In case you would need some blankets or other extra materials needed for packing, make sure you settle it with the mover beforehand so you can get it for free, or pay a little extra for it or would be included as part of the packaging service fee.

• Insurance is a top priority. Accidents may happen anytime and to guarantee the protection of your valuable items, including your life or somebody else's make sure you have insurance.

• Make sure you read the contract and understand it well before signing it. Always remember that some things on the moving quotation including delivery time frame and cost rarely match the contract you sign on the day of moving. So beware.

• Make sure you are dealing with experts in moving. Double check whether the company you are hiring is licensed, fully insured and reliable.

• Compare prices and services. Getting at least three or four moving quotes from different companies is a wise move. Demand for a lower price and do everything to make your money's worth.

Moving costs may vary depending on factors like weight of the shipment, distance of the move, extra charges and services. Thus, it is important for you to assist the movers to give you the most precise estimate of the cost as possible. Though you may pay more than or less than the estimate, always see to it that you will get the kind of moving service you paid for, nothing more, nothing less.

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