Sunday, November 24, 2013

Self Motivation Quote - The Way To Get Over The Humps of Life

This is actually what you can do, to motivate yourself, if there is no one around to pick you up, when you feel low. But of course you can use Self Motivation Quotes in your everyday life, just because you want to develop your own mind.

Quotes can actually do many things to your mind in all situations. When I think of motivation quotes, I think of quotes that can make me push myself further, than I normally would have gone.

By this I mean e.g. I'm standing in a situation, where I feel uncomfortable to go on. Let's say I'm standing outside a door to a house, owned by a person I do not know. I need to make a sale at this house, and it's the last sale I have to do this month, and I have managed to sell the demanded of me.
In this house, he is actually not totally unknown to me, he's one of the known faces in town. Many thinks he's intimidating. Actually I just want to move on, and let this house be..

Think I've painted the picture really nice now, right? Do you know the feeling of this? I think you do, or I think you can relate to the feeling.

At this situation, I think of some quotes, and I need a quote, which can get me over this feeling, or make me cope with the feeling. Actually, I have a favourite quote that usually does for me, in any situation I can think of, when I'm feeling uncomfortable doing something.

This Quote is a very famous one by Vincent Lombardi: "Winners Never Quit, Quitters Never Win"

This self motivation quote really does it for me, and it usually can make me cope with any feeling, if any action is needed by me.

Do you see what I mean? The right quote can take you further in life, and take you closer to your goal, because it can motivate you to do something you wouldn't normally do. Think about it.

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