Thursday, June 12, 2014

Suicide and Depression - What to Look For and Treatment Options

Suicide is a word that most people speak in hushed tones, if they speak of it at all. There is an expression that if a person talks about suicide than they will not attempt it. People should not ignore anyone who mentions suicidal thoughts. Instead, the person who may be suicidal should be steered toward the help he or she desperately needs. A mental health professional is very capable of handling the situation.

Factors as to why a person has become suicidal can include clinical depression, drug or alcohol abuse, and a family history of depression/suicide. A person could also have someone that he or she cared about die by suicide (family/friend or celebrity) and that could trigger the thoughts. Suicide deaths are split up between the age groups.

Women are more likely to seek help for depression and suicidal thoughts whereas men are the ones who are more likely to commit suicide. There are uncertainties as to why this is. Men may be less likely to seek help from a professional before it is too late. Men are also the ones most likely to choose firearms to perform the task. Firearms are deadly no matter what. No one with a history of severe depression should have access to guns period.

Depression and suicide are thought to connect. Depression may not always lead to suicidal thoughts but the chance is always there. This is why it is imperative to get someone to a mental health professional when depression is noted. Many anti-depressants are on the market that will help a person to feel better. Unfortunately there can be many side effects. Through trial and error the doctor can find the one that works though.

Many of those who are depressed do not realize that they are. For this reason, it may be up to friends or family to take note and push an individual towards help. Notation should be made that depression is a treatable illness. This fact should be reiterated to patients so they understand this. Any medications need to be taken continuously as instructed by the doctor or a relapse can occur. Reading and researching has been found to be a great help to patients who suffer from suicidal thoughts as well as depression. Many good books can be found online or in the library.

If any of the following symptoms of depression are noticed, seek help as soon as humanly possible.

o A constant sadness
o No pleasure in anything
o Crying, feeling hopeless or constant negativity
o A decrease in energy levels
o Lack of concentration or ability to make decisions
o Sleep patterns that are disturbed (too much or too little sleep)
o Change in appetite and/or weight

Only a token few are listed. Every individual is different. This article was written as a guideline in what to look for and how to prevent depression and suicide.

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