Monday, March 10, 2014

How to Overcome Depression - What You Didn't Know

Depression can be one of the most debilitating disorders that there is because it alters both your mental and physical state as well as your life. You may even find that if you are around people who have never suffered from depression they may be telling you to simply get over it. Unfortunately it is not that easy and people who battle with depression understand how challenging it can be to carry on with even the simplest of daily life activities.

Depression is a real condition and afflicts millions of people each year. It is a known fact that depression can be treated by conventional means such as medication or therapy, however, there are many things you can do aside from those things to learn how to overcome depression.

Take a Walk

If you suffer from depression it is highly likely that the last thing you feel like doing is exercising. Although it is difficult, try to force yourself to start by going for walks. The fresh air really helps you mentally and the walk will do your body good. Make it a point of taking a walk on sunny days because sunlight can actually mitigate your symptoms.

If you can manage it, increasingly work up to taking brisk walks that will increase your heart rate. This will help your body to get more oxygen and help you to gain an overall sense of well being and learn how to overcome depression.

Visit with Friends

Although this may seem easier said than done when you suffer from depression make a point of going out at least once a week to visit with friends that you know are supportive of you. Spending time with friends can help you focus on something else for a while and help you to feel like you are not all alone. If you do not feel like making a lot of conversation, engage in an activity where you do not have to consistently contribute to the conversation.

Diet and Vitamins

Although you may feel like junk food and overeating when you are suffering from depression, try to eat an all natural diet and take multivitamins and minerals. A healthy diet can add significantly to how you feel and help you learn how to overcome depression.

Vitamin D has also been known to help with symptoms of depression which makes sense because sunlight provides your body with vitamin D and most people feel their best during the summer months when the days are longer.

Also, fish oil and evening primrose oil can be beneficial in helping with brain neuro-transmitters. Make sure you use a brand that is reputable and provides you with high potency support. Several less costly brands don't provide the healing strength you need and are made with preservatives which can actually worsen depression.

Drink Water

Hydration will make a significant improvement in how you feel. It is very easy to forget to drink water so leave water bottles around where you will see them and remember to drink water. Also, avoid beverages such as coffee and alcohol that can actually dehydrate you and make depression symptoms worse.

Let Go of the Past

When you suffer from depression your thought process tends to regress back to stressful situations that happened years ago. Those situations can resurface during an episode of depression and can cause you to hold a grudge, remain in a negative state of mind, and kick yourself for not handling the situation better.

Although depression can be hereditary it can also manifest itself from being exposed to abuse early on in your life. Some of these situations will resurface if you suffer from depression in later life. The best way to help to overcome depression is to resolve these issues and block out the situations when you begin to think about them. If the issues are more than you can handle, seek the help of a professional to help you get some of the issues resolved that may have gotten repressed over the years. Letting go of the past will help you to look toward a brighter future.

Remember that depression is a real sickness and you are not imagining feeling sad, however, if you seek medical help and take some of the steps described here this will help you to learn how to overcome depression and take back your life.

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