Thursday, November 7, 2013

How To Overcome Depression Using These 2 Tips

The first tip is to always be moving and to be moving with certainty. The idea here is to keep moving. A lot of people here miss the point. Plenty of people experiencing depression don't follow through with their convictions. Will Smith had a great line when he was striving for success " I am going to do this or die". One needs to have the exact same mental toughness when in the process of exiting depression. So move with haste. Hanging around doing nothing is a one way ticket to severe depression. You need to keep yourself active, take up new interests but above all stay busy and plugged into something you enjoy doing.

So the essence of this first principle is to get good at something. When one is an expert or proficient at something, one feels good about self. This is very important as it creates a positive self-image. You can become proficient at anything. It could be sport, it could be career orientated, it could be relationships, it could be your health or spiritual life but whatever it is, it will make you feel better as a human being. Remember you never have to perfect it as in my opinion perfection never exists, just ask any business man or golfer, etc. Just strive to become more and get better and as a result you will feel energized and positive

The second tip is to become a decision maker and I mean a real decision maker. So may people experiencing depression never make a real decision. What I mean by this is that when you make a real decision, there is no way back. Decision comes from the Latin word "to cut". A real decision leaves you with no way back. You 100% must do this or you die, period. So, this is the person you should be after you make that real decision to overcome depression. Firstly, when a negative thought crosses your mind, you do not entertain it!, you quickly change track to keep yourself in a positive vibration. Next, when you have a commitment made to work or to meet your friends or do some sport, you do it.. Remember you made a decision to act and now you must back up your decision with your actions. Remember, once that decision is made, there is no going back. The newly adopted daily rituals will ensure overcoming depression will soon be a past event.

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