Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Depression Symptoms - Can They Be Overcome?

Although similar signs may be exhibited, depression can vary between gender and age groups. Depression symptoms can be obvious or subtle, physical or emotional, temporary or lasting. Depression in men and women, and between teens and the aged, can be detected and should not be neglected. Let us try to be more familiar with depression so in case we see these symptoms in someone we know or feel them within ourselves, we already have an advantage over most of the populace since knowledge of what the problem can be is already the first step in carrying out a solution.

Most cultures equate depression with weakness. Hence, most men, although feeling a lingering emotion of emptiness for years, often deny it. This can lead to unfavorable consequences as men are prone to contemplate suicide. Having suicidal thoughts is a major sign of depression. Depression symptoms in men can range from one extreme to another. Some are overly quiet and will not attempt to interact at all with the rest of society. Others exhibit reckless behavior such as aggression, violence, and anger. Another one of the common symptoms among men is substance abuse, like alcohol and different types of drugs.

It is a known fact that women are more likely to experience depression symptoms than men. This is attributed to several factors, such as hormonal imbalances (menstruation, pregnancy, menopause) and women's tendency to focus and dig up past negative emotions. Depression in women (although not exclusive to the gender) include feelings of worthlessness, inclination to blame oneself for any problem, lack of interest and energy to do things which were formerly enjoyed, and sleep pattern changes (insomnia or hypersomnia). Seasonal affective disorder - depression during winter due to low sunlight levels- are said to affect women more than any other.

Depression symptoms in teens and the aged do occur although they may be incorrectly diagnosed. A closer examination of the signs shown can reveal that it is actually depression taking hold of the person's life. Some teens appear sad while others appear irritated - yet both can be a sign of depression. This can be due to hormonal changes in the adolescent's body. The elderly often complain about physical aches and pains which are also common symptoms of this condition. Depression in the old populace can be due to changes in life, such as the loss of a loved one or health issues.

Depression for anyone, regardless of age or gender, should never be left untreated. Depression symptoms can be felt and unrecognized for years, but once they are realized as being signs of depression, it is best to seek professional help to determine the best course of action to take. The support of family and friends are indispensable and is actually a necessity in the fight against depression. Symptoms may occur at some point even after treatment, but they do not need to curtail the person's ability to live a contented life. Anyone can overcome depression and never suffer it again.

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