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Metal Toxicity Causes Depression

Your exposure to Heavy Metal Toxicity is coming at you from a number of different directions, and it should not be a total surprise that rates of Depression, Insomnia and Neurodegenerative disorders such as Autism, Bipolar disorder are on the rise.

No margin of safety.

There is no margin of safety with heavy metal toxicity, even the smallest amounts of these toxic metals can gradually build up in your soft tissues and bones, as in the crystal clear case with babies and children being deceptively given multiple toxic vaccinations that contain mercury. That onslaught of heavy metal accumulative exposure, that may have started in your childhood, has by now resulted in many pieces of mercury and other such metals lurking in your tissues and bones, as if they are ticking time booby-traps ready to cause mayhem to your health.

With some people, the health troubles emerge almost immediately after initial exposure, while for many others it is as if there is a time-lag. You will find aluminum in vaccines, popular antiperspirants and a number of cosmetics,nail-polish, and in the pots and pans that are in your kitchen at this minute.

Baby bottles, plastics and infant formulas.

The New York Times of April 19th, 2008 reports that the Canadian departments of Health and Environment have (at long last) imposed a ban on plastic bottles for infants, because they are made from polycarbonate, whose main ingredient--BPA (Bisphenol-a), a widely used chemical that also mimics a human hormone, is indeed toxic.

Senator Charles E. Schumer of New York, ah yes! at times these good folks regain their senses and usually not for long, has risen to the occasion in defense of your health, intends to introduce a bill that would ban many uses of BPA related plastics, including non-food items, that toddlers may put in their mouths. That ban is also to include anything used to contain food or beverages, such as the use of BPA coatings inside Infant Formula cans.

Reader, were you a child before now?

The Canadian Health Minister Tony Clemont informed the gathered reporters, that well over 150 clinical research reports, prove that use of Bisphenol-a in baby bottles causes behavioral and neural symptoms later in life. Bingo! That is hitting the nail straight on the head. Right there is one of the causative factors of depression, bipolar disorder, autism, AD/HD, and the list continues.

Then there is lead in peeling paint and old water pipes. As if that's not enough, even CNN of april 19th/08 chimed in, the good folks at the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in New Jersey, have issued stern warnings about the health hazards of lead found in artificial turf installed at schools, parks and stadiums across the country.

Now reader, just to begin with, there over 3,500 such fields in this country, and would you believe it, about 800 more are installed each year. It is indeed scary enough that two such fields in that State, the Frank Sinatra Park at Hoboken and at the College of New Jersey in Ewing, have been put off limits after detection of unacceptably high levels of lead (as lead chromate) in the synthetic turf.

According to that State's epidemologist Dr. Eddy Breswitz, that toxic lead can easily be inhaled or even swallowed as airborne tiny fibers or dust by you or your child or anyone playing on such fields. Lead causes brain damage and other illnesses particularly in children, and those same effects can manifest later in adulthood after hibernating, so to speak, for years.

Then there is industrial pollution, your use of pesticides, herbicides on your lawns or garden, and dare not forget the artificial wicked additives in the processed foods and in the artificial beverages. Monosodium glutumate is clinically well known as damaging to your nervous system.

The connection is clinically simple to make, but while the EPA has very very very lukewarmly, and with a velvet hammer at that, outlined exposure limits to ensure public safety against heavy metals, the medical mainstream has yet to fully acknowledge the threat that heavy metal toxicity poses on an everyday basis, at least to the human body. Consequently, the many subtle signs of ill-health that accumulate over time are easily mistakenly attributed to a different cause.

You can ably surmise what happens when the root cause of ill-health is not correctly identified and addressed. In the meantime, the only universally accepted method of heavy metal detox or removal, is a complicated and expensive process known as, intravenous chelation, available only at specialty clinics. It It takes a lot of time and often depletes your body's inventory of essential trace minerals.

Introducing the clinically safe natural chelator.

This natural chelator known as MCP is a complex polysaccharide in a class of polyuronides. Reader, no worries, this writer will simplify that for you shortly; and you are very familiar with it's components except they have to be in a very specific form. It's molecular structure is the key to it's abilities to bind to and eliminate heavy metals effectively and safely and in a very short time.

In solution, it forms what is referred to as an egg-box, in which long negatively charged fiber chains stick together in groups that create pockets. Positively charged metal cations are attracted to these chains, and are thus loosened from your soft tissues. They then become trapped in the pockets of the egg-box from where they are very easily excreted from your body. The effectiveness of that excretion is amazing, exactly as Mother Nature intended, because the major obstacle in the intravenous chelation modality, arises in the digestive tract.

Even when an agent has managed to loosen and bind toxins from your tissues, more often than not, this process is easily nullified in your intestines, where the heavy metals are easily reabsorbed. The only way to prevent this is to somehow block re-absorption, such that all the toxins are eliminated together with your body's waste.

Therefore, this natural chelator has a mistress, Alignates.

Alginates is another amazing group of polyuronides obtained from a specific type of seaweed and are historically used to treat acute radiation poisoning. Oh yes, you guessed correctly, that like MCP, the structure of the alginates enables them to trap heavy metals in pockets. So, by pairing the two in combination, the reabsorption of the toxins in the intestines is prevented.

Equally important is that neither one of this natural duo can bind to your essential trace minerals, therefore you wont be risking deficiency during the process of detox at your home. Do bear in mind that the loosening of the heavy metals from your tissues and bones occurs in a gradual manner, clinically proven safe and efficient and no side-effects whatsoever.

Detoxes your body clean with just two capsules a day of MCP.

Clinical reports in the Biomedical Environmental Science of Sept. 1991, yes of course, that is almost two decades ago, establish a very clear connection between prolonged exposure to the toxins and the development of disease in you.

The reports clearly show that the diseases from heavy metal toxic exposure can be very effectively reversed, safely, gently, inexpensively and without any bad side effects whatsoever. Take the example of a 63 year old female who had a history of toxic metal exposure, and consequently suffered from chronic anxiety and depression.

Within two months of being administered MCP, her lead levels decreased by 100% and her mercury levels decreased by 83%. She hadn't felt better in years until MCP came along. The remainder of mercury is because her teeth carry dental fillings that are toxic.

Then there is a fifty seven year old male with suspected mercury exposure, and a decade long history of headaches, constipation, IBS and a family history of Alzheimer's disease. Within twelve months of using MCP his mercury levels decreased by 73%, and almost all his health complaints disappeared.

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