Sunday, September 8, 2013

How Krill Can Help Mood

Krill has been studied for over twenty years by various researchers in various countries. Many of the studies done on Krill involve the effects of Krill's high amount of DHA and EPA on the brain and mood in general. Lack of DHA and EPA in the body and brain has been linked to mood disorders, such as depression.

In countries and areas where seafood is a dietary staple, there is a much lower incidence of depression and other mood disorders than in areas where seafood is not a dietary staple. The reason for this is that DHA and EPA are important to brain and nervous system health. The brain is made up of roughly thirty percent EPA and DHA, but the brain does not make these substances. They must be absorbed through the diet. Seafood is an excellent source of these substances.

Patients being treated for clinical depression and bipolar depression, also known as manic depression who were given Krill oil supplements showed marked improvement in mood. Krill has even helped the most severe cases of depression, where psychosis was present.

Fish oil supplements were recommended just a few years ago for the same reason. Fish oil, however, can be contaminated with mercury and PCB's because they swim in contaminated waters and they eat other fish which are also contaminated. Krill oil is forty eight times more potent than fish oil, and carries no such health risks. Krill oil is easier for the body to absorb than regular fish oil, and does not upset the stomach as is so common with fish oil.

Krill has been studied for over twenty years, and its potency and effectiveness has been well-proven. Krill oil supplementation can lift and stabilize mood. Krill will stabilize mood faster and better than regular fish oil. The high DHA and EPA content of Krill is known to boost and stabilize mood in a faster, safer manner than regular fish oil. With continued use, many people have experienced remission of their mood disorder, and stabilization of mood.

The brain does not produce EPA and DHA by itself; it must absorb these critical substances through the diet. The fastest safest way for anyone to get these substances into the body and thus the brain, is through supplementation with Krill oil. Many nutritionists, psychiatrists, and other health care professionals consider Krill to be the best supplementation choice for anyone to ensure a healthy, happy life.

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