Monday, September 9, 2013

A Review of Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment

Treatment of any kind of psychological disorder is a hard issue. It comprises many things and it should be done by highly professional people. Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is acute mental suffering, which includes a lot of severe psychotic attacks. Also known as bipolar- disorder, BPD mostly consists of deficieny in cognitive sphere and of emotional overreacting.

BPD harms the emotional sphere of human psyche, making it vulnerable and prone to unstableness. Terms such as emotional imbalance or inappropriateness are often used to illustrate the outcome of bipolar disorder. Patients suffering from emotional incompetence, are often prone to controversial emotional responses: their behavior varies depending on the specific mood and emotion, which has captured them. Bipolar disorder patients have problems in controlling their emotions: one day they can act as extremely aggressive, the other can be subdued and meek.

Lack of emotional control is caused by cognitive incompetence: bipolar disorder affects the cognitive sphere, so that patients cannot control their behavior, and have vague ideas about what is proper or not. They more often depend on their mood swings and feelings to tell them how to act. This can be very dangerous, especially with integrating these people in society. This disease has several nuances, there are similarities with manic-depression disorder, but any professional can distinguish between the both.

There are two ways to treat borderline disorder: and the first one is psychotherapy. The therapy should be done by a professional, who acts as a consciousness of the patient. Another way to cure this disorder, is by using drugs. But sole medication cannot make amends in the whole cognitive sphere, so drugs are more often combined with therapy to acquire greater results. People suffering from BPD are often prescribed a great quantity of drugs, which can be really depressing.

A therapist would be helpful in these situations: someone to console the patient and assure him or her of the positive outcome of the process. The medication treatment requires taking anti-psychotics, neuroleptics, and/or anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medicines. There are a lot of drugs which can be easily found and proved working.

Therapy process must be done so that a patient is obstructed from doing harmful things. A suicidal BPD requires urgent therapy from a highly competent professional. An external aggressive patient needs help from a strict therapist, one who is not lenient with all the patient's anti-social activities.

The symptoms of bipolar disorder are really very tough, and a competent help is required at any level. Patients should regularly take their pills, and should participate in the most suitable form of therapy. The cognitive sphere is what is mainly affected with these people, so that they should be looked upon very strictly in order to prevent negative reactions. The BPD patients are often unpredictable: one cannot tell what their reaction will be. To avoid anyone being hurt, they should be carefully scrutinised.

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