Thursday, June 27, 2013

Test For Candida - Can Yeast Still Be a Significant Problem If Stool Samples Are Clean?

A friend in an online group suspects the her 4-year-old son has yeast overgrowth, but from the test for candida, three stool samples have come back with no yeast present, which has pretty much assured her son's doctor that yeast is not a problem. She has heard that there are types of cell wall-less yeast which would not appear on a stool sample. The problem is since a clean stool sample means no yeast. Can yeast still be a significant problem?

There are actually several reasons that explain why you should suspect yeast. They are episodes of hyperactivity, constipation, hypoglycemia, occasional rear-end rash, episodes of depression, multiple food allergies, and, on several organic acid tests, extremely elevated citric acid and high arabinose.

However, to determine whether the yeast will still pose significant impact or not pretty much depend on the characteristics of the boy. Is he on diet, is he free of soy etc. His eating habits also play important role towards the yeast infection. Another factor is bacterial overgrowth whether the son is having it or not. If the son has, what treatment he takes.

One alternative that can be taken is to use Uva Ursi to tackle some of the bad bacteria. However, several people reported that after every course of the Uva Ursi, their son act very aggressively and negatively for a week or more. So, you should better consult your doctor for this one.

The best advice for this condition is to take live blood analysis. Sometimes the worst cases of yeast overgrowth happens which is when the stool tests come back negative. Therefore, a live blood analysis is very useful, it will show just how much yeast is still in the system.

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