Sunday, May 18, 2014

How to Protect Teens From Drug Abuse

Drug abuse has become one of the leading problems in today's teens. This growing problem is present, even in Colorado. In fact, according to statistics, approximately 46,000 Colorado teens have used an illicit drug within the last month. Drug abuse in teens can lead to many other problems that can extend well beyond adolescence. Studies show that teens that engage in drug usage are more likely to commit crimes, engage in casual sex, and commit suicide. They are at a high risk for vehicular accidents, contracting HIV, and drug overdose. These generally result in death. Protecting your teen is the best way to prevent drug abuse.

Family connection

Studies conducted on teens concerning the use of it, show a direct correlation between the level of connection they feel with their family and drug use. Teens who feel more connected to their families are less likely to abuse drugs. Talking to your teen and being ready to listen without judgment is the best way to ensure a healthy connection and line of communication with your teen.

Talk to your teen about their friends, about school, and about their feelings. Teens who suffer from depression are also more likely to abuse drugs. By listening to your teen, you can detect signs of depression early on.

If you suspect abuse

If you suspect that your teen is already abusing drugs, the best approach is early intervention. Early detection and intervention methods are the best way to help your teen. This starts with communication. However, this is not always easy when they are abusing drugs.

It may be necessary to perform a test to find out whether or not your teen is abusing drugs. Although drug tests can be performed at facilities, they can also be purchased and done at home. This can help the teen to feel safer and less vulnerable.

It is important to know what method of drug testing to use. Many drug tests can be easily altered. This is a barrier to detecting drug usage. The most effective forms of drug testing are hair follicle drug testing and fingernail drug testing. These can detect drug use for up to 90 days and cannot be altered.

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