Sunday, May 18, 2014

Depression Caused by Disability

There are many dangerous jobs, some physically, some mentally. This is why when you get injured on the job, it is important to not only be diagnosed for physical injuries, but also go through a psych evaluation test.

While it might not be well know, depression is a very common grievance on many Social Security and Supplemental Security Income claims. This statistic can be taken two ways. There are many people who suffer from crippling depression from the type of job or workplace they have. On the other hand, those who get physically disabled at work, often go through a period of time in which they become depressed.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has many different ways of evaluating people's mental health in which case they can award disability benefits. 

First they will require you to send all of your medical records to the SSA for review. These are not just your medical records for physical disabilities, but any record of treatment for depression or mental health.

Your case officer will evaluate your mental health based on these medical records. However, if they do not believe there is enough information or evidence of depression, they will require you to undergo and mental status examination (MSE). This does not mean that SSA does not believe you or doubts your claim, they just need evidence to justify give you disability aid. This is a free examination, which the doctor can also prescribe you any appropriate medication they believe you need.

If the doctor in the medical examination believes that you are affected by depression, the SSA will move forward to their next test. The next test is to determine how your now diagnosed depression affects the rest of your life. Does it keep you from working? Does it keep you from doing everyday activities?  

Depression can greatly affect the prosperity of one's life, which is why it is important to get diagnosed as soon as possible. Start living a better life today with the support you need.

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